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Ice And Water Shield Video

Hello, I'm Tim Carter from AsktheBuilder.com. I am up here on the roof and I want to show you something that is really awesome. Many people don't get to see this up close. I am talking about an ice and water shield that roofing contractors put on the wood sheathing, underneath the shingles. Look at this.

You can see the OSB board which forms the roof of the home. There is a roofers' stand, they use when working on steep roofs. Here is a fascinating material. This is a membrane that covers the whole roof. This particular shield is a Grace Ice & Water Shield. The membrane is sticky on the under side. It is not sticky in the video because it is so cold during the particular installation. This is a rubberized asphalt product.

When the nails from the shingles are driven through this product, it will seal around the nail shaft. In traditional roofing felt as the rain came down under the shingles, it would seep down around the nail hole and cause a leak. In areas where there is lots of wind or ice dams, this ice and water shield will stop the water from leaking into the house. This a great product to use in areas with blowing snow storms and lots of rain.


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