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In Wall Speakers Video

If you have an older stereo system, you probably have several large speaker cabinets sitting around the room. These old cabinets can be replaced with high quality speakers for your stereo and / or television. These replacement speakers are mounted into the wall. Eliminates the wood cabinets and the speaker wires running around the room.

The new speakers mount into the drywall. Cut a hole in the wall according to the manufacturer's directions to speaker location. The directions will indicate where to mount the speakers for maximum sound reproduction. Usually, the speakers will be mounted about ear level or slight higher.

Run the speaker wire from the speaker to the stereo receiver. Special high impedance speaker wire is required. In addition, some wiring is directional. It has to go a certain direction from the speaker to the receiver.

To install the speakers, cut the hole in the drywall with a drywall saw. Insert the mounting bracket in the wall and attach with the provided clips. Put the speaker into the wall opening after wiring it. Put on the faceplate. And CRANK IT UP!!!


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