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Install Copper Roof Strips

Install Copper Roof Strips

An asphalt shingle roof will last for many decades if you install copper roof strips up on the ridge and down any hips.

Tim Carter was the first person in the world to discover that copper ions washing off a copper strip prevent asphalt from oxidizing.

Oxygen that bonds to asphalt up on your roof causes the asphalt molecules to cross link. Too much cross linking causes shingles to:

  • loose the colored ceramic granules
  • curl
  • delaminate
  • become brittle

Copper Strip Evidence Photo

install copper roof strips

Look at how the 8-foot-wide strip of asphalt shingles look nearly perfect. The other shingles on either side have lost their granules and are curled as can be. The copper ions washing off the cupola roof STOP the oxidation of the asphalt. When asphalt oxidizes, the molecules cross link and become brittle.

Defective Asphalt Shingle Book - Roofing Ripoff

Roofing Ripoff

This is the cover of my Roofing Ripoff book. CLICK THE IMAGE NOW TO ORDER IT.

Tim Carter published this book in 2017. The book explains why you need copper roof strips. CLICK HERE to order it.

The book highlights how asphalt shingle roofs all across the USA are failing in as little as eight years.

Decades ago, asphalt shingle roofs used to last 30, or more, years.

Tim Carter sent direct questions to the asphalt shingle manufactures about these defects and none would provide answers to the pointed questions.

install copper roof strips

If you install copper strips like this on your ridge and hips the roof algae and moss will disappear if you get periodic rain.

This video was featured in Tim's Newsletter of December 5, 2017.



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