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Install Handrail Into Brick

install handrail into brick

Install Handrail Into Brick | The blue chalk line marks the future location of the iron handrail. You only get one chance to get this right. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Install Handrail Into Brick - Easy with Epoxy & Studs

You need moderate skills to install a handrail into brick and poured concrete. It's important to realize that you can't use regular expansion anchors in the brick as they very likely will fracture the brick if they're not solid.

What Tools Are Required?

You'll need the following tools to complete this job:

  • a hammer drill with a bit sized to match the anchors and threaded rod
  • a 3-foot plastic flexible tube
  • a small bottle brush slightly larger than the diameter of the drilled holes
  • a caulk gun
  • a ratchet with assorted sockets

What Materials Are Required?

You'll need the following materials:

What Do I Do Next?

It's important to realize the handrail must be parallel with the nosing of the steps. The handrail height must be no less than 34 inches and no more than 38 inches in a vertical line that extends up from the tip of the nosing of any tread.

My experience has shown that 35 inches is a very comfortable height and small children can reach this handrail.

You need a helper or two to hold the railing in place with the brackets attached to the railing. You will triple-check that the railing is parallel with the stair tread nosings and at the right height.

Mark the hole location of the two mounting brackets. Look at the following photo to see what I mean.

install handrail into brick

These two brackets are what will hold the handrail to the wall. The code requirement states that they must resist 200 pounds of pull force. Remember, that's a MINIMUM requirement. Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

With the holes marked, you drill a hole that's the size of the stud anchor you choose to use. I would highly recommend using a 1/2-inch by 4-inch-long stud anchor. You may have to enlarge the hole in the handrail brackets to make this work.

You use the plastic tube and bottle brush to make sure every speck of dust is out of the drilled holes. Any dust in the holes will interfere with adhesion. Do NOT have your face in front of the hole when you blow through the plastic tube. A visit to the emergency room to have your eyes cleaned out is expensive.

Watch this video for the foolproof method of drilling the holes so the stud anchors never pull out of the wall:

How Long Should The Epoxy Cure?

I would allow the epoxy to cure for at least 48 hours before I'd install the handrail.



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