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Install Radiant Heat Under Wood Floor 24 Inches OC

Installing Radiant Heat Tubing

Tim Carter shows the complex method of looping Uponor hePEX tubing in between framing that's 24 inches on center. Three heat transfer plates are in each truss bay, not two.


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  1. A few years ago We decided to do the ultimate experiment. In floor radiant. We bought 1800 feet of tubing. We put new subfloor down and began the tubing layout with 23/32 OSB 8" on center 3/4" channels. Basically I took boards mounted a router with 3/4" bit and made circle cuts 4" radius, split these in half and this gave my my pressure and return lines.
    We now have 9 zones as I kept the zones under 250 feet. Initially we did an electric boiler, too expensive , moved over to electric hot water heater, still too expensive, moved on to a oil fired hot water heater. Perfect, thing drinks little and it is the most even heat we ever had. I use 1/2" ball valves to throttle things and running 3 pumps for the 9 zones.
    The big experiment became a great success and I would do it again. Only go with the oil fired hot water heater to start with.

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