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Install Stone Veneer on Wire Mesh or Cement Board

Quick Column Summary:

  • Best way to install stone veneer
  • WHAT does the manufacturer say
  • The warranty is most important
  • Cement paint will help get a great bond

Dan Ritchey, from Malta, Montana, asked:

"Do you have to use metal lathe and thinset on stone veneer or can you apply a scratch coat on cement board then install the stone veneers?"

Great question Dan!

I always approach these from the manufacturer's standpoint.

The first thing you need to do is read the WRITTEN instructions that come with the stone veneer product.

What do they say to do? What do you have to do to ensure you have a warranty?

It's all about warranty at the end of the day.

It's also about getting a great bond with the mortar on the cement board. 

I can tell you that if you are permitted to put the stone on cement board, you absolutely want to use cement paint on the cement board before you trowel on the thinset mortar.

Watch a recent three-part video series I did that explains cement paint and how important it is.


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