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Installing a Door Hinge Video

Start by marking the area to be cut. Screw the hinge in place with a couple of screws. Use a razor knife, instead of a pencil, to mark the outline. Tilt the blade in and carefully scribe a line around the door hinge. Don't cut too deeply, but just enough to provide a guideline.

After removing the hinge, use a wood chisel to cut the wood. Be careful using and handling the wood chisel. The edge is very sharp. The beveled edge should point down when using the chisel. Carefully use a hammer to tap the head of the chisel to start cutting. Don't cut too deep. The hinge is not that thick.

Once the recess is cut, put the door hinge in place to check the fit. By cutting to the razor blade line, you will have a perfect fit for the hinge. A screwdriver, utility knife and wood chisel are the only tools required for this project.


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