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Installing a New Window Video 3 of 4

Tim Carter demonstrates in this third video of the series how to cut out the wall sheathing and install the much needed sill flashing.

The window install has been happening over a period of days and it's being done on a garage that has fiber cement siding for the exterior.

Tim shows the importance of cutting out the fiber cement siding so that no one gets hurt and the siding on the outside is not damaged.

The window install can be done by a serious DIY person who has the right tools and common sense.


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  1. Enjoyed your 4-part video series on installing a new window. My only comment, from a safety perspective, is this: When you were using your saws-all to cut out the OSB panel along the top edge you were standing on the ground reaching way up with the saw. Safer to have been on a ladder to keep the saw at chest level to have better control and not have chips or possibly the saw falling on you..

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