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Installing a New Window Video 4 of 4

Tim Carter finishes the installation of a new vinyl window in an existing frame wall covered with fiber cement siding.

Watch the entire four-part series to see how to create the hole in the wall with precision.

Discover tips about remodeling from national award-winning master carpenter and builder Tim Carter.


4 Responses to Installing a New Window Video 4 of 4

  1. Tim,
    As always, great advice. Thank you.
    Learned a lot about measuring and cutting the opening and building the new frame. Good stuff.

    Would have been very helpful for me to see how the window was installed with the plastic sill tray, the weather membranes and anything else that was put in. Seeing the nearly final step of ready to do the caulking after having an opening in the wall just a few video seconds earlier seems to have left a lot of important work for we novices to figure out.

    • Yes. I know sometimes I got ahead of myself. I tried to *explain* what happened in those instances. I'd go back and listen carefully to what I said in the audio portion. If you need help, you can purchase a phone consult from me and I'll answer every question you have.

      • You are right Tim. I went back and watched all of the videos again and you did talk through the process of sealing the window. Understand that a lot of rain fell and the job needed to get done and making these videos takes a lot of your time. Really appreciate the help you give us. Got used to the step by step guide on measuring, cutting and reframing for the window in the first 3 videos so the quick jump to the final steps in video 4 threw me a bit. Thus my comment above. Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge as you do these projects. Very helpful.

  2. Thanks Tim for the great videos. I don't have this in my immediate future but always fun to watch a craftsman at work and know I could get this video later if needed.

    PS: Also, a question about the Great New USA Map you had in today's newsletter. The link to Amazon doesn't have any close-up photos to show what the detail looks like. Is there anyplace to be able to see that?

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