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Installing Crown Molding Video

Installing Crown Molding

Cutting crown molding is easy if you hold the molding in the miter saw the proper way. Regular door molding or baseboards are easy to cut because they go flat in the power saw. They fit flat against the wall.

Crown molding does not go flat against the wall or ceiling. It installs at an angle to both. Likewise, it has to be held that way in the miter box saw. The wall and ceiling meet at a 90 degree angle. The same way the saw table and saw fence meet. But for the cuts to be correct, the crown molding has to be upside down. Thus, the table represents the ceiling and the fence is the wall.

The crown molding installs with a gap behind it and this is the same gap that has to be created in the saw. Watch the Cutting Crown Molding Video for tips on cutting those inside and outside crown molding corners.

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