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Installing Drywall in a Garage

Dear Tim: I'm hanging drywall for the first time in my garage. I have completed one wall thus far. I noticed about 1 week after priming the wall that the horizontal seam is beginning to develop a hairline crack. I used 12' sheets and laid them on their sides to create fewer vertical joints. The screws are about 6" - 8" apart vertically and 1 per stud per sheet horizontally. I used fiberglass tape for this seam. Can you tell me what I've done wrong? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I hope to prevent this problem on my other 3 walls. Johnny S.

Dear Johnny: Based upon your description, it sounds like you did everything right. The crack is probably a shrinkage crack in the joint compound you used to hide the seams. If there is excessive water in the joint compound, the dried material often has small cracks from the volume loss that occurs as the water evaporates.

The crack could also be caused by movement of the walls. Some garages do flex a little bit on windy days.


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