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Interior Doors & Period Hardware

Custom Interior Doors & Period Hardware

The following is a listing of companies that can produce beautiful doors and distinctive hardware to make those doors look like a million bucks. I purchased my doors from the Canadian company Byrcon Wood Products. They worked with me to produce the special raised molding that surrounds the raised panels.

My doors look like they were taken from a 125 year old mansion. They were awesome. I purchased my door hardware from two different sources: the locksets were purchased from Nostalgic Warehouse and the solid brass square hinges with chimney top finials came from Stanley.

Solid Wood Door Companies

  • Byrcon Wood Products
    These guys made my doors. If you are going to paint your doors, go with the MDF raised panels to eliminate shrinking and swelling. I loved working with this company and there were no surprises.

  • Madawaska Doors
    They will make anything you want. This is also a first class company. They may be more expensive than Byrcon, but make sure you are comparing apples to apples.
  • Renaissance Old World Door Co.
    This company makes some interesting doors. They make new doors but distress them to look as if they are 100 or 200 years old!

Period Hardware Companies

  • Acorn Mfg. Co.
    www. acornmfg.com
    This company makes forged iron type hardware. It is first quality and looks like the stuff you would see in a castle or an English Tudor home.

  • Antique Hardware
    This is a clearing house for all sorts of antique reproduction materials. Door locksets are NOT their specialty.

  • Eugenina's Authentic Hardware
    This company sells real antique stuff, not reproductions. If you are a purist, 'tis the place.
  • Nostalgic Warehouse
    Want to see what my wife and I used? Look at the Egg and Dart lockset. The full mortise lock is awesome.

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