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Interior Painting Tips Video

To get professional painting results, before you get out the paint roller, there are some interior painting ideas you need to know. First, make sure you put enough paint on the wall. The paint goes from a liquid (in the can) to a solid (on the wall). That means a lot of water evaporates out of the paint. If you do not have enough paint on the wall, you will end up with bare spots. The paint can will indicate how many square feet it will cover. That takes into account the evaporation. Spreading paint too thin will not give you the proper results.

Now that you know how much paint to put on, you have to know how to paint with a roller. The best method is to start rolling paint on sideways, covering a small area. Then, make your finish strokes vertical. When you are finishing, lift the roller gently off the wall.

Roller marks are caused by holding the paint roller tilted on the wall. Be sure that the roller is flat against the wall and the pressure is even across the roller. Take you time and use nice easy strokes and your painting project will look great.


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