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Irish Setter Crosby 6 Inch Boot

Irish Setter Crosby 6-Inch Boot #83602 - Style, Comfort & Durable

I had the opportunity to test a pair of Irish Setter Crosby 6-inch boots. Thank you, Red Wing Shoes for sending them!

Irish Setter is part of the Red Wing Shoes brand. Early in my construction career, I bought only Red Wing boots and shoes.

I was not disappointed at all with the Crosby boots.

They were comfortable and offered great support. My weak ankles need all the support I can get!

Here are the primary features:

  • waterproof
  • non-metallic toe
  • electrical shock resistance (ESR)
  • puncture resistant

Check out these photos. As you know, each one is worth at least 1,000 words:

irish setter crosby 6 inch boot

This is a great-looking boot. It comes with the Red Wing legacy. What more could you want?

irish setter crosby 6 inch boot

The black patches add great contrast and the orange stitching really finishes off the look.

irish setter crosby 6 inch boot

Decades ago boots weren't waterproof. Now they are. Your feet now stay dry all through the workday.

irish setter crosby 6 inch boot

When you see these Crosby's coming your way, step aside!

irish setter crosby 6 inch boot

This sole pattern provides amazing traction and slip resistance.


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