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January 14, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips


The January thaw is here in New Hampshire. Last week, it was bitter cold and this past weekend, I awoke on Saturday morning to discover three quarters of an inch of GLARE ice coating everything. Right now as I type this, it's raining.

Thank goodness I had a pair of Kathoola Microspikes to save me from the ice! Save yourself a broken wrist, concussion, or broken arm. BUY A PAIR NOW.

One section of my driveway is pretty steep, and even with 4-wheel drive, you're dreaming of going up unless there's a good coating of sand on the ice.

I didn't have to sand because Mother Nature obliged and we saw temperatures, the past four days, above 40 F in the daytime. Ninety-eight percent of the ice is gone. Thank you Mom!

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More details about the Treasure Hunt next week!

World of Concrete Show - Las Vegas

I'll be at the World of Concrete Show next Tuesday and Wednesday (January 21 - 22, 2014) courtesy of Bosch Tools. Thank you Bosch!

Will you be there?

Want to do a meet up? Want to see a tiny ham radio? Want to watch me do Morse code? Reply to me!

Latest AsktheBuilder.com Quick Start Guides

I did create five new FREE Quick Start Guides for you. I'm having fun writing them. Some have a few off-hand remarks in them. You tell me if they're funny.

I really hope you're getting a benefit from these new bite-sized articles! Let me know and leave comments at the bottom of them.


You can really really HELP ME in return by just clicking each and every link to a new Quick Start Guide.

"Tim, what's in it for ME? Why should I click to the Quick Start Guides?"

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  • Bullet Point Tips

Clicking the links helps me achieve goals each day for visitors to my website.

That's another reason I'd love for you to click to them! Thank you for doing that!

Chainsaw Quick Start Guide

Thinset Quick Start Guide

Snowblower Quick Start Guide

Concrete Footer Quick Start Guide

Log Splitters Quick Start Guide

Your House Could Collapse

Tornadoes and hurricanes can easily tear your house apart or cause it to collapse. Earthquakes too. Just ask my friends Steve, Russ, Veronica, Jason, Patti, Jim and countless others that live in southern California.

What about a thunderstorm or just a very windy day? How is it possible for a gust of wind to cause your home to collapse?

Watch this 16-second video. GULP!

Christmas Tree - Wood Video

So you think you're pretty good with a wood chisel?

Susan Monson, who hails from Ogden, UT, sent me this mind-blowing video of a master carpenter from Germany or Austria. It's absolutely stunning what this man can do

West Virginia Chemical Spill - Are you Prepared?

Did you see last week hundreds of thousands of people were directly affected by a chemical spill in West Virginia? There were all sorts of water shortages.

Next time it happens, will I see you on TV on the national news? You know, one of those people standing in line TRYING to get water from a National Guard truck or a hand out of two plastic jugs of water from a semi?

I did a video about getting prepared for Y2K that's still relevant.

Here's my Y2K column that some in WV wish they would have read ten days ago!

Please  read my Get Prepared Immediately column for even MORE TIPS about being prepared.

Gutter Guards and Ice Dams

Every year at this time, I get a boatload of angry emails from people who had gutter guards put on their roofs. Icicles and ice dams form and the homeowners are beside themselves. ACCKKKKK!

I have a column that explains EXACTLY what's going on. There is a video in the column of an ice dam on my own home and then a roof that has NO ICE. Wait till you see why there's NO ICE.


Kitchen Sink Strainer - Kathy's voice FUNNY

How many times have I mentioned Kathy here in the newsletter? She has the patience of Job when it comes to me. She's VERY PRIVATE. I get that. She the kite string in my life constantly pulling me back down to Earth.

You can HEAR KATHY'S VOICE in this video! Wait till you see how it makes me laugh. Turn UP your speakers as you get to the end of the video

The Carolina Shag

"Tim, what the heck is the Carolina Shag?"


CLICK HERE and be prepared to get a SMILE on your FACE.

More Tips Next Week!


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