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January 17, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

This is REALLY quick.

I've been overwhelmed the past 42 hours handling the flood of great comments and correct answers about the pocket door contest.

It's been a gargantuan success.

But I've received MANY emails from folks who have peepers that just aren't up to the task. What was I thinking? I apologize to all whose eyes have seen better days - no pun intended. (okay, so that's a little fib :-> )

To be fair, I've come up with a written clue or two that will help those who simply can't see as well as others.

A convenient link to the LE Johnson Pocket Door Gallery page where you'll need to go again is below.

I told you a week ago I've been re-reading The Hobbit.

So in the spirit of J.R.R. Tolkien, I crafted this silly poem.

Tolkien made clever use of simple poetry in The Hobbit. As you'll soon discover I'm not Tolkien, nor am I a poet. I'm a carpenter/plumber/builder.

If you're a NEW subscriber in the last 48 hours, CLICK the colorful image on the right that says Pocket Door Contest. If you can't click on the image, click here for full contest details.

If you tried to find the door using the image clue and gave up, this should be all the help you need:

If you've got weary eyes

You'll need another sign

Make a mess eating pies?

Or spill wine when you dine?

Reach for the rolled cloth

Tinted like late day sun

Dabbing the food and froth

With water from deep sea fun

I told you I wasn't a poet.

Go here to hunt again for the correct photo. Remember, you need to tell me TWO things to be entered to win all the loot in Tim's Treasure Chest:

What material makes up the CENTER of the door in the photo?

What COLOR is the pocket door handle?

When you have the correct answers, REPLY to this email but change the Subject Line to:

LE Johnson!
If you've already guessed correctly, please do NOT enter again.

That's bad form as Captain Hook would say.

P.S. I've got a HUGE announcement about the contest I'll share on Sunday.You don't want to miss that announcement!

Tim Carter


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