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January 29, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

This afternoon I'm going on a hike with my youngest daughter Kelly. We're doing a fairly easy hike up to the top of Rattlesnake Mountain just north of Squam Lake.

It's really more like a big hill. It should be a good time and my guess is it will be crowded as it's a fairly popular low-impact hike and the WX today is perfect for a winter hike.

Serious hikers chortle at this challenge because it's like going to hiking kindergarten. We shall see.

I've done the much harder mountain just across the street at the end of a harsh winter.

CLICK HERE to read all about my adventure that day up to the top of Mt. Major. The vista was stunning once up there. GREAT PHOTOS in that story.

Something New

If you're a new subscriber in the past few days, three weeks ago I embarked on a year-long project. In reality, I feel it's going to run about 18 months.

I'm going back to each old article of mine and doing the following:

  • creating top tips bullet list
  • adding new photos
  • adding new fresh content
  • adding photos / links to best products
  • adding photos / links to best tools

Last night, I had an idea I want to try out to encourage you to look at each revised column.

Let's try it now. Let me know if you like the teasers you see below and if they persuaded you to peer at all the goodness I've created for you

Install a New Front Door - You Can Do It

You might think it's beyond your skill set to install a new front door. Don't sell yourself short. CLICK HERE.

Foundation Soil Grade Tips - Higher Please!

Many modern homes have the top of the foundation walls too close to the soil. What do you think is the minimum height a foundation wall should stick up out of the ground? GREAT original hand drawing by me here! CLICK TO SEE IT.

Best Cast / Poured Concrete Wall Thickness

Did you know you can order your foundation walls a different thickness? How do you know what is the best thing to do? CLICK HERE and discover new information.

STOP Crawlspace Dankness and Smell

Do you have a nasty crawlspace that is damp, dingy and yucky? Do you think those vents in the foundation really work?
CLICK HERE and discover what you can do to make your crawlspace nice and bright.

Block or Poured Concrete Foundation - Best One?

Do you think it's possible for a concrete block foundation to be better than a cast, or poured, concrete foundation? Are you laughing at me? CLICK HERE smarty pants.

Secret Excess Grout Removal Trick

You did a DIY tile job and messed up the grout leaving too much on the tile. Can you get it off? How? Is there some magic solution, (not acid!!!) that you can put on the grout and grout haze? CLICK HERE and be amazed.

Vent For Washing Machine Drain

I know you don't have your master plumbing license like I do, but you feel compelled to install a washing machine drain. Well, go look at my awesome full-color rough-in diagram so you don't have sewer gas choking you to death. CLICK HERE NOW.

Connect a New Foundation to an Old One

What's the magic method we builders use to connect a new room addition foundation to an existing foundation? GREAT VIDEOS here. CLICK HERE now to tickle your gray matter.

Bathroom Remodel Task Sequence - Don't Goof Up!

You'd be surprised how many people do different tasks out of order. When do you do what to save time and money? Well, CLICK HERE and see if you got them right.

Mold and Mildew on Lumber - How to Remove Safely

You're building a new home or room addition and the lumber's getting wet. You see black mold and mildew. Should you torch the place and start over? No. CLICK HERE to see what I'd do.

Tape Measure Lines - NEW Friendly Tape!

Have you struggled with all those darn tiny lines on a tape measure? What about the mystery black diamond!!!!???? GREAT VIDEO HERE. CLICK HERE for best tape.

Removing Ceramic Tile Without Tactical Nukes

What do you think is the best way to remove ceramic floor or wall tile? CLICK HERE to see if you should start your own demolition company.

Stair Trim Secret Ninja Tricks - DON'T SHARE THESE!!!!!

Have you ever tried to install that cool molding on top of stair stringers only to throw your angle finder into the closest tree like a tomahawk? CLICK HERE to become a master carpenter in ten minutes!

Best Brick Water Repellents

If you own a brick veneer house, you need to CLICK HERE NOW. Period.

Column and Beam Construction 101

How many beams are in your home? More than you'd ever imagine. How are the sizes determined? Can you get rid of all those HORRIBLE steel columns in your basement? CLICK HERE and discover the depths of your structural ignorance. Dr. Caster made me say that. Blame him. CLICK HERE to read about the great and mysterious Dr. Caster.

Brick Walls Leak - What Else is New?????

I'll bet you thought your brick home was waterproof. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAA.

Stop reading fables about the three little pigs. CLICK HERE instead to see what you need to do RIGHT NOW!

Paint Videos

Three days ago, Tristan and I taped two great videos about two paint products I'll bet you don't know about.

One of them is a spray paint that outperforms the top two brands you're familiar with. Let me tell you, advertising works. You probably feel the one big brand is awesome.


Wait until you see the actual TEST PANELS I had in my hands from the TEST LAB!!!

When you see my video and you see the actual lab test panels, you'll NEVER AGAIN BUY that one big brand.

I'll be SHOCKED if you don't run out and immediately buy a can or two of the paint I used in the video.

I'm also going to show you a fantastic interior wall paint that's a dream to work with and it costs MUCH LESS than all the national brands.

I'm waiting for the company to approve the videos. Once they do, you're going to see them.

If all goes well, I'm going to have an exclusive coupon or promo code for you to save some sweet moola.

Next Sunday - Door Eye Candy

Next Sunday is a big day. You're going to see some spectacular door eye candy. Be on the lookout for that newsletter.


Have a great next few days. I'll have hike photos for you next newsletter.

Du kan köra, men du kan inte aldrig dölja.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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