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January 3, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Why You're Cold

Happy New Year!!!!

2018 is off to a bitter start for much of the USA.

Jim Cluett is my very good friend and amateur radio mentor here in NH. I was talking with him yesterday and we were both gritching about the cold weather.

He's lived here in central New Hampshire for most of his life. There was an eight-year period where he was on Prince Edward Island in Canada working as a TV news reporter / producer. He knows all about cold and drifting snow from up there.

"This is the longest and coldest period of weather I ever remember. Sure, we'd get damn cold for a day or two or three, but below zero temperatures night after night for ten days?"

Then yesterday just about 15 miles west of me at another amateur radio friend's house, it was minus 22 F just before dawn.

Are you COLD in your house? I am even though this bad boy below is running constantly.

house cold heat on
That's my boiler. It's running all the time. Each of the eight radiant heating zones in my house is calling for heat. I'm burning about 20 gallons of propane now per day.

Are You or Friends / Family COLD?

An hour ago, I just finished a new SPECIAL COLUMN about what's going on since tens of millions are suffering.

Are you one? Are you cold and you can't figure out WHY because your furnace, boiler or heater is running and you're still cold?

CLICK HERE NOW and read this short column.

Would you do me a favor? A big one?

Would you FORWARD this email / newsletter to any friend, family member, co-worker or ???? who is cold and upset thinking something is wrong with their heater?

I'm afraid they may WASTE MONEY calling in a furnace repair person. If the heater or furnace is running, NOTHING IS WRONG.

A service call is unnecessary.

That's enough for today.

I'll have more new columns for you this weekend.

Stay warm!!!

Yeah, Steve I know you'll not suffer today in Altadena, CA!

Alexa just told me it's going to be 74 F there today.

Happy Birthday Steve!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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