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January 3, 2018 AsktheBuilder Second Newsletter

As often happens with a special announcement, I LEAVE OUT important information in the rush to get news to you.

Within minutes of sending out the last message, James wrote:

"Can you also do a newsletter to cover frozen pipes? I'm have to deal with it this morning in one of the upstairs bathrooms. Fortunately, it has not burst and there's a slow drip. I'm heating the pipes with hair dryers and those thermal tapes. But I'm looking for a more permanent preventative measure (aside from having to leave the cabinet doors open and running a slow drip at night) ... also I want to avoid having to tear everything up as well."

What do you know?

I created a NEW COLUMN about Preventing Frozen Pipes last night before supper!

CLICK HERE to read it.

It contains UNCONVENTIONAL information you'll not usually find in columns written by people telling you to run water, open cabinet doors, install UNSAFE heat tape, blah blah blah blah.

Those are temporary fixes that sometimes work. If you want to STOP frozen pipes forever, then CLICK HERE.

Once again, PLEASE FORWARD this message to anyone you know who has frozen pipes.

Sadly for James, I've got bad news if he wants a permanent fix.

He's going to tear a few things up, but he'll NEVER EVER AGAIN have frozen pipes.

GREAT VIDEO About Staying Warm

The column I wrote two hours ago has a GREAT VIDEO in it about why your house is COLD.


I Didn't BUILD the House I Live In

Each time I gritch about my house I get replies like this,

"Tim, how could you install a boiler that's too small? How come you don't have more PEX tubing in the floors so you get more Btus per hour? How could you, the EXPERT, make such a mistake?"

"Tim, why don't you have a great wood stove in the house to add extra heat to stay warm? Do you want me to send you some cheese to have with your WHINE? :-)"

Guess what?

I didn't build the house I'm living in.

I've spent the last eight years correcting many mistakes, but trying to correct this heating deficiency is just way too much work. I'd be ripping out all the finished ceilings in the basement.

No way I'm doing that.

As for the wood stove on the first floor, guess what?

The DUMB A * * architect and homeowner made two fatal flaws in the living room here:

  • it's too small
  • there's no raised hearth

If the living room were five feet longer, you could put an add-on, drop-dead-gorgeous wood stove in the living room.

If there was a raised hearth, you could pipe the stove pipe into the existing metal chimney of the inefficient wood-burning fireplace we have now.

Believe me, when I do build my dream house - I'm trying to make it happen soon - it will be warm as toast if the outdoor temperature drops to -30 F or below.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

Pass the Cheese, Tastes Good With My Whine!


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