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January 8, 2014 Special AsktheBuilder Announcement

I've been inundated with countless email replies about the new AsktheBuilder.com Quick Start Guides. Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm unable to respond to every email. Please accept my apologies!

I uploaded a new one yesterday for you. It's about Chain Saws.

But that's not why I'm reaching out today.

I've got huge news and I need your help.

I'm putting together the next Treasure Hunt for you, and I'm trying to make it a much bigger event than last year.

Much, much bigger.

Were you one of the over ten thousand AsktheBuilder fans that went on a voyage to the LE Johnson website to discover the exact pocket door I wanted you to find?

Remember how much fun that was?

Remember last year's huge grand prize - all those power tools?

Well guess what the grand prize is this year?

Me. Yes, me.

Kathy's ecstatic I might be out of her hair for four days.

If you live in the USA, and specifically the lower 48 states, you might end up being the grand prize winner.

If you live somewhere else than the lower 48, don't worry as there are going to be lots of other fantastic prizes you qualify for assuming you go on the Treasure Hunt and you come back with the right answers!

Why would I come to your home? Easy. I want to help you and others.

Imagine me coming to your house for an entire day - *maybe* two days - to advise you on how to repair all the things you need done around your home.

If the planets align, the weather is right, and you have the tools we need, I may even help you do a small job or two.

All of this would be videotaped and everyone gets to see all the videos once we get them edited and uploaded.

That means everyone is a winner, because you'll get to share in the advice I give to the winner and discover how to Do It Right, Not Over as you watch all the videos.

You'll probably howl with laughter at some of the videos as not much will be left inside the editing software. We'll include any real challenges, mistakes, goof ups, etc. that happen. Think of it as *real* reality home improvement TV!

Here's how you can help me right now.

You and I need to convince companies they need to be part of the Treasure Hunt. That's the only way I can get to your house. We need sponsors to make this event happen.

You need to convince the marketing manager or president of a company, in your own words, why it's important for them to cast away with you on the Treasure Hunt!


I need you to tell me in ONE SENTENCE, no longer than 30 words, WHY a company should become a part of the AsktheBuilder.com Treasure Hunt.

If you participated in last year's Treasure Hunt, try to remember how visiting the LE Johnson website influenced how you now thought about pocket doors.

Or maybe you trust companies I decide to associate with.

The first ten people that reply and do exactly as I say above will be given a small sample bottle of my Stain Solver.

Hurry NOW and write back to me with your single sentence. 

I'll announce on Sunday the ten people that rose to the occasion.

Next week, I'll be sharing more details about the Treasure Hunt.

I'm going to need a panel of five judges who'll select the finalists for the grand prize. You and all the other subscribers will then VOTE on who wins the Grand Prize.

Maybe you want to volunteer to be a judge! Don't do that now, just concentrate on writing that single sentence. If we don't get sponsors, we don't need judges, get it?

Thanks again for your trust, support and friendship.

P.S. You better start brushing up on your  best pirate voice because you're going to need it. Do you have a parrot that will sit on your shoulder? Can you tape a video? More on that soon!

P.P.S. Did you like that treasure map above? My son Tristan drew it by hand! Way to go son!

Aye aye matey!


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