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January 8, 2016 AsktheBuilder Weekend Newsletter

If you're a new subscriber, on Fridays I try to send out a brief tip or two to help you with a project.

Minutes before typing this, Walter, who lives in Wakefield, RI, asked me a question via my Ask Tim page.

"I am having carpet replaced on my stairs with oak treads. The carpenter just dropped off the wood for the stairs last night. It measures 11.5 x2x48. It is oak veneer, made in China. What do you think of this type wood?"

Can you guess my response? What mistake do you think Walter made?

Think about it for a moment and I'll let you know what went through my head down below.

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Defective Shingles Book - BIG NEWS

If all goes well, I should have my Defective Shingles book complete this weekend. I'm finishing a chapter today that will have you fuming mad.

Can you imagine what I uncovered when I weighed the shingles you're probably putting on your home?

But the BIGGEST NEWS is this:

In the past two weeks, I made a discovery that will HELP YOU double, or possibly TRIPLE, the life of your newer asphalt shingle roof.

You may have a new or newer (less than four-years old) asphalt shingle roof on your home.

Do you realize there's a very good chance it's DOOMED to fail long before its warranty is up?

I know this for a fact because homeowners like you all across the USA have been filling out my Defective Shingles Survey sending in SHOCKING photos of their roofs that are going bad in less than 10 years!

Imagine if you could do something very simple and not have to put a new roof on for decades?

That information will be in the book. I'm hoping it's ready for you within a month.

If you're getting ready to install a NEW asphalt shingle roof, STOP and wait until my book is complete. I reveal in the book the asphalt shingle I'd BUY if that was my only choice.

Be SURE you open each issue of the newsletter so you know when the book is ready to purchase.

Magic Attaching-Things Secret Trick!

Have you ever wondered how something might be attached to a wall when you can't see any fasteners?

Are you doing a project like that this weekend?

WATCH THIS VIDEO to see a clever trick used for thousands of years.

In fact, Alexander the Great used this method to hang his shield on the wall in his palace. I saw it in a video on the History Channel so it must be true, right?????

What About Walter?

Remember Walter from RI? You know, just above.

The *first* thing that FLASHED through my mind was this thought:

"Walter, why are you wondering NOW if the new treads are great material? Didn't you do your DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE you approved of the material?"

Walter's message is SCREAMING to me the early stages of buyer's remorse. He's now got second thoughts that he's going to have crap material put into his home.

Can you AVOID THIS happening to you?


It's so easy.

BEFORE you sign a contract, you shop around. You discover what IS the BEST material. Perhaps I have that information at my website.


If that's too much trouble and you're stressed for time, I can CALL YOU ON THE PHONE. On the call, I'll tell you what I'd put in my own home.

Once you know the right material, you specify it in the CONTRACT.

Don't HOPE the best product will magically appear at or on your home.

Remember, HOPE is the emotion of last resort. You hope for things you can't control.

You can CONTROL what's put in your home.

Have a great weekend.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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