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Jigsaw Tips Video

Some time your project will require a curved cut in a piece of wood or metal. The traditional circular saw is not the best tool for a curved cut. A powered jigsaw is great for cutting these curves, or even straight cuts. But, they excel at curved cutting.

The new cordless jigsaws don't have that cord to get in the way. And they can be used anywhere on the project site.

Some jigsaws have a quick release lever to changing the saw blades. Simply flip the lever, pull out the old blade and slide in the replacement. Flip the lever back and you are ready to cut. Most have a blade guide roller that helps keep the blade running straight up and down.

This particular jigsaw has another lever that allows the blade to move back and forth as it goes up and down. Makes for a more aggressive cut.

Another cool feature of this jigsaw is the small fan that blows the dust away from the cutting area. This allows you to see your guide line as you are making the cuts.

The base table tilts on the jigsaw so you can make angled cuts through your material.

Cordless jigsaws are great tools for many projects around the house. Be sure to have one in your toolbox.


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