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July 12, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Happy Summer! You might be a brand-new subscriber. Welcome! I reserve this top spot in the newsletter to thank you for your trust.

You, though, may have received so many issues of this newsletter that you remember when I tangled with all those solar attic fan companies. Do you recall that dust up? Boy, they were none too happy with me! But what the heck, it's my duty and responsibility to share the truth with you for goodness sake! If you want to know the TRUTH about those solar attic fans, CLICK or TAP HERE.

Music and Me

I love music of all sorts. It relaxes me sometimes, but other times it gets my heart pounding! Today it's HOT and HUMID here in central New Hampshire. I needed something to cool me off as I created this issue for you. Can you guess what's playing here in the steamy cave? CLICK or TAP HERE to let me know if this music works to lower or raise your temperature!

Mystery Biting Bugs Update

I want to thank you profusely if you responded to my plea for help last Sunday. The image below is just a SMALL NUMBER of the amazing email replies and ideas you may have sent to me so I could then share them with my friend who's suffering such torment.

There were so many responses, it was simply impossible for me to thank you individually. I hope you understand.
Biting Bugs responses
Right now, I don't have much news to share. The biting has been much less and many days in the past week, there were no overnight bites.

I'm going to create a page on the website with all of the great ideas and suggestions you may have sent in so you can benefit in case you or someone you know has a similar dilemma.

I was particularly interested in the bright-light, the Pine-Sol, and the ultrasonic ideas. You'll discover more about this in the next newsletter.

Rest assured that once the issue is resolved, you'll know as much about this as I do.

You'll never realize how grateful I am for your help when I ask for it. You are an incredible resource and for you to share your ideas, your prayers, and your time is truly a special prize for me and my friend.

She wanted me to make sure you know how much she appreciates all you did to try to help her in this ongoing battle.

Front Porch Construction - A Dying Art

Think about a front porch for a moment. Even a small one like this:
Front Porch Construction
Can you think of at least three reasons why you should have a front porch, and one preferably much larger than the one above?

CLICK or TAP HERE to see if your list matches mine.

The Fun Quiz!

You did pretty well knowing what a Grange is. I'm proud of you as I had NO IDEA what one was until I moved to central New Hampshire. There's one just three miles north of my house at the top of Lake Winnisquam.

But how spry are your little gray cells today? Look at the following pictures depicting the answers to this issue's quiz and see if you might score a 100% on today's FUN QUIZ!


CLICK or TAP HERE and be prepared to LAUGH a LOT. Laughter is great medicine for all and especially for anyone who might be sleep deprived.

Laundry Room Countertop Dilemma

Admit it. Doing the laundry is not one of your most favorite things. It can be drudgery using the old-fashioned wooden pins to hang up delicates. Another reason might be your laundry room isn't really set up for the operation. It's more like a closet for two large machines rather than a workspace.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see what's possible if you had a magic wand that could transform your laundry room. Your dreams might come true the next time you move or remodel!

Draw Plumbing Plans

You may not know this, but I've been a master plumber since age 29. One of the things you must do to pass the Master test is successfully complete an isometric drawing of a multi-story building showing all the correct venting solutions for all the fixtures that appear on the drawing.

Not one bead of perspiration appeared on my forehead the day of the examination all those years ago because I love doing the drawings.

Not one bead of perspiration appeared on my forehead the day of the examination all those years ago because I love doing the drawings.
plumbing plan isometric
In fact, I still do them! They remind me of diagramming sentences way back in grade school - thank you Sr. Mary Emma!

Last week I did four of them for different homeowners. Architects and builders also hire me to draw the complex isometric drawings.

"Why are the isometric drawings important, Tim?"

That's a great question. In my opinion, there are three primary reasons:

1. It's so very important that you have the correct pipe sizes for fixtures and fixture groups shown on the drawing. The drawings ensure you understand what the minimum pipe sizes must be for both drains and vents.

2. Fixtures must be vented properly for the system to work. You'd be surprised how many plumbing systems are not vented properly. An isometric drawing shows all the vent pipes as dashed lines. Sometimes you can have a drain pipe do double duty! It can drain a fixture and be a vent pipe for another one at the same time.

3. The drawing communicates to the plumbing inspector that you know what you're doing so when she/he comes she/he won't deliver the bad news to "rip it all out and start over".

If you want me to draw your plumbing plans, CLICK or TAP HERE.

I also draw water line layouts and draw & size gas lines too. One-stop shopping!

I delivered plans to Marty just two days ago for a slab house he's building down in Arkansas. He responded, "Thank you again, I appreciate the help, and nice to see the service you are providing!"

That's quite enough for a Sunday. As you read this on Sunday, I'll have been participating is a worldwide IARU radio contest for at least 24 hours. Here's what the ARRL website says about this annual event:

"To contact as many other amateurs, especially IARU member society HQ stations, around the world as possible using the 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meter bands."

I'll be operating doing just Morse Code, and it's my goal to contact at least 100 other stations. I'll report next week if I achieved the goal!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
SOLD OUT - BEST CLEANER - www.StainSolver.com
IARU Man - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Is your AC unit not able to keep you cool? It could be a big problem with your ductwork. It could also be your AC unit is not sized correctly.

CLICK or TAP HERE to get a handle on the duct part of the equation.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how AC units are like your shoes.


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