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July 2, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

Rain, rain go away, come again another day.

Here on the East Coast, we're suffering from day after day of clouds and rain. The massive weather pattern is responsible for the extreme heat out on the West Coast. At least my tomatoes and beans are growing! Wow, there's nothing like home-grown tomatoes - and any fruit or vegetable for that matter!

Speaking of food, late last week I received a very, very special book of recipes. It's a long story, but I started an online discussion with the two authors of Virginia Bakery Remembered - Tom Thie and Cynthia Beischel.

Virginia Bakery Remembered

Virginia Bakery is one of the many, many neighborhood bakeries that thrived in Cincinnati, OH from the early 1900's until the turn of the century. There was Priscilla's in St. Bernard, Cookie Jar in Newport, KY, Little Dutch in Mt. Healthy. There were many more. Some are still in business.

My grandfather and grandmother owned a bakery up on McMillan Street across from Hughes High School. Many of these mom and pop bakeries went out of business as large grocery stores created their own in-store bakeries.

Virginia Bakery was in Clifton. That's where I lived. I was inside Virginia Bakery countless times. The master bakers at Virginia Bakery made Kathy's and my custom lemon-filled wedding cake.

There's no doubt that third generation Howard Thie baked my wedding cake. My guess is his wife Cindy decorated it. I have crystal clear visions of Howard working in the back rolling out dough. You could see the bakers working as you stood in the retail store. It was a magical place.

Virginia Bakery butterscotch gems were my favorite pastry. I can't begin to describe how delicious they are. They didn't taste like butterscotch. Tom Thie, fourth generation / Howard's son, said last week, "The butterscotch gems are basically Danish dough filled with brown sugar, pecans, and butter. Good stuff, good times, good to hear from you."

Guess what? I'm going to make some gems and tape a video of it happening. I'm going to do the same thing making their world-famous schnecken. Want to do it with me? I need you to order a copy of their magnificent Virginia Bakery Remembered book now.

When you see the color photos in the book, you'll go in and turn on your oven to preheat. Guaranteed. You can also get the book on your Kindle too.

It Pays to Play

Last week, I received an email from Mike Medford, Sr. He owns Medford Remodeling in Arlington, TX. http://www.remodelmm.com

"Thanks for the heads up on the Bosch Daredevil contest. My guys needed a new radio so I entered a photo, and we won! I enjoy your newsletter, best wishes to you. Here is a picture of their old radio, so you'll know they will appreciate the new one!"

slightly used radio boom box

This is the SECOND time my newsletter list has produced a WINNER in a Bosch contest! Mike won one of the deluxe Bosch jobsite radios. It's a dream radio. It really pays to enter contests here at AsktheBuilder.com.

Guess what? Next week you better open this newsletter. Why? Because 50 AsktheBuilder.com subscribers are going to become WINNERS!

Wait and see next week what you can win!

Tip of the Week: Foundation Defect ? ? ! !

Check out this photo.

poured concrete foundation defect

See how the concrete wall is seemingly hanging in midair? Do you think the homeowner was freaking out when he saw this at his new home a week ago? I know the answer because he emailed me.

Would you like to discover what's going on here, and if the builder took a shortcut?

I thought so.

Read my Poured Concrete Foundation Defect? column now.

Gas or Electric Chain Saw - Which One is Best for You?

Is a chain saw in your future? Or, do you know someone thinking of buying one?

You can get an electric one or a gas-powered one.

They both cut wood very well. But which one is the smarter buy for you?

Watch this video - all the way until the end. Read the comments too!


Do You Like NASCAR?

Would you like to be my guest at the New England 200 at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Saturday, July 13, 2013? I have ONE TICKET available plus mine.

I'm not a rabid NASCAR fan, but I've driven the cars twice and can attest that they're noisy and fast. The races can be exciting. There's lots to see at the race.

Two years ago, I was at my first NASCAR race at Bristol, TN. That was a mind-blowing experience. I even got to go around the track several times the night before the race in the backseat of a Mustang. Watch this video.

The race starts at 3:30 pm, and I imagine it's over by 6 pm. You'll need earplugs for sure and possibly sunscreen. We can get there earlier to see a smaller race before the 3:30 pm main race if you so desire.

How do you get the ticket?

You enter the giveaway by writing a very creative 200-word essay titled:

Why I Want to Spend a Saturday in the Possible Broiling Sun with the AsktheBuilder.com Guy at a NASCAR Race

One entry will be selected and named the winner of the ticket.

Remember, you need to hook the judges. Describe who you are and why you want to be there. Be pithy, you only have 200 words! Three of my friends will judge the entries and select the winner.

The DEADLINE for sending in your essay is this coming Sunday - July 7, 2013 - at Noon ET. Just send it in via email to me. Click Reply and change the Subject Line to: NASCAR ENTRY.

You have to provide your own transportation to and from the racetrack in Louden, NH. If you live near me in Meredith, NH then we possibly can car pool to have extra bonding time. :->

This is yet another reason why you should always open my newsletters IMMEDIATELY. You never know what offers might be in them. Speaking of special offers ......

July 4th Special Stain Solver Promotion!!!

With the 4th of July upon us, it's time for a star-spangled special promo. Just as our great nation grew by adding states to the Union, the more you add to your shopping cart the more you save!

Here's how it works. If you buy any size of Stain Solver, except for the small sample size, you can use one of five different promo codes that you can redeem to get quite a few of my Instant Download digital products for FREE. Just match up digital products to the value of the coupon. That's caveman simple.

WARNING: There are a boatload of products in the below digital categories at my shopping cart. I've been busy the past year creating stuff for you!!







Important Promo Information:

  • Only available at the AsktheBuilder store
  • Promo ENDS this Sunday, July 7, 2013 at midnight ET
  • Promo codes can only be used ONE TIME per customer

The promo is simple. As you buy larger sizes of Stain Solver - all the way up to the 50-pounder - you get MORE in-store credit to use on my digital products! The in-store credits range from $14 up to $75! See the chart below.

For example, buy the 2.2-pound size of Stain Solver and you get a $14 credit as soon as you add any digital products that equal or exceed $14 to your cart.

To be clear, after you add whatever size Stain Solver to your cart, you MUST continue to shop to select the digital products you want. At the checkout page you'll enter the appropriate Promo Code to get your Instant Credit.

Realize that if you select digital products that exceed the value of the coupon, then you'll have to pay the slight amount of difference. You should be able to mix and match digital products to easily arrive at the coupon value.

It's easy. You'll end up with a Certified Organic multi-purpose cleaner and some sweet digital information that will help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your next project. That's something to celebrate!

Here's the list of the Stain Solver sizes, the associated promo code you must use, the coupon value and the minimum total purchase you must make to trigger the Instant Credit:

More Tips and Information next week!

Have a great 4th of July if you're here in the USA or an expat.


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