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July 23, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

Last issue I introduced a new feature in the newsletter:

I Didn't Know That!
It was a huge success. We'll now do it each week. Look below for the results of last week and the new challenge. Let's see what you do and don't know smartypants! :->

My tomatoes are really coming on now that we've had some hot weather here in New Hampshire! Next year, I'm moving the garden to another spot in the yard. I'll be able to expand its size by about 300 percent. Yippee!

This weekend, I'll be in the woods of Maine watching fast rally cars zoom down closed gravel roads. I'm using my ham-radio skills and magic to help with the safety communications for the New England Forest Rally. If you live near the New Hampshire / Maine border, you should come. You can watch rally cars for FREE!

Watch this very short video I shot while working last year. Yes, I was only 12 feet away from this high-powered race car driven by Antoine L'Estage as it drifted past me!

200 FREE Daredevil Spade Bits - Get One NOW!

Two months ago, I told you about the amazing Daredevil spade bits made by Bosch. I've used spade bits for years and years, and I have to tell you these Daredevil bits simple cut through wood like a sharp razor slices through whiskers.

You may be one that doesn't believe me. You're a doubting Thomas. If you want to see how a spade bit is supposed to work, you might be one of the lucky 200!

Bosch is giving away 200 FREE Daredevil spade bits. Yes - FREE. These aren't imitation bits, they're the real deal. I have some, and they are my go-to spade bit when I want to bore a larger hole through wood.

CLICK HERE NOW. You could be one of the 200 lucky folks to get a Free Daredevil spade bit.

WARNING: These bits are not only practical, they're good looking. You may just decide to display it in your workshop. Resist the temptation - USE the Daredevil to your advantage!

Tip of the Week - Painting Aluminum Siding

Gale Combs of Hebron, KY emailed me overnight with a great question! I'm pretty certain that the answer is going to surprise you. Here's what Gale asked:


I have aluminum siding that was put on in 1974. It's chalking and dirty. The house is 1,000 square feet. Would it be cheaper and easier to paint or have new vinyl installed? I'm on a fixed income."

The short answer is it's cheaper and easier to paint the siding. But you have to do it correctly.

I wrote about painting aluminum siding a few years back. Nothing has changed about the process. The only thing that's changed is there are more houses today than five years ago that have chalking, distressed-looking aluminum siding. Each year the sun takes its toll on the paint resins and pigments that coated the aluminum at the factory.

Aluminum, and really any metal, is a wonderful substrate for paint. Think about it. When was the last time you saw paint peel or blister on aluminum or the thin steel body parts of a car or truck? You'll see a car or truck rust, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Paint fails on wood because it's hygroscopic. Hygroscopic materials, like wood, expand and contract as they absorb or release water. This movement can lead to paint film failure. Guess what? Aluminum and steel aren't hygroscopic.

You can paint aluminum siding and achieve amazing results, but you need to do it the right way or you can sometimes get blisters!!!!

The first thing Gale needs to do is clean the aluminum siding with my Stain Solver oxygen bleach. This will remove any and all severely damaged paint that's on the siding. You always want to remove as much damaged resin and pigment as possible before you repaint.

The next step is VERY IMPORTANT! Discover what Gale, and perhaps you, should do to prevent blisters as she paints her siding. READ this past column now.

Oh, you want to know the BEST paint to use don't you? I thought so. CLICK HERE to read what paint I would use if I was repainting aluminum siding, or ANY surface outside for that matter.

Dishwashing Soap Damage - CALL for Stories

Are you noticing damage to your dishes and glasses from being washed in an automatic dishwasher? I'm in the final stages of an investigative report and request your input.

The damage you see could be:

  • filming or clouding of clear glass
  • erosion of logos on mugs
  • erosion of painted prints on ordinary china

Yes, I'm aware you need to use rinsing agents in dishwashers. I use them. This damage happens even if you use rinsing agents.

If you have any of the above problems, please REPLY to this email and change the Subject Line to: Dishwasher Damage

Nashville Meet Up! August 14th

I'm going to be in Nashville, TN - for the first time ever! - for a Jet-Powermatic editors conference in a few weeks. Truth be told, I've driven through Nashville, but I didn't stop. In my book, that means I've not been there.

It's going to be exciting to see the new high-quality tools from Jet and Powermatic. Maybe I'll bump into a famous country singer too!

The meet up will be the late afternoon of August 14th. It's looking like we'll meet at the Renaissance Hotel on Commerce Street and go someplace nearby to hang out. My guess is it will be at 5 p.m. This is subject to change, so I need to know if you're coming to alert you if there is a change.

Would you like to hang out for an hour or two?

AsktheBuilder meet-ups are full of stories and good times. If you live in or near Nashville, reply to this email if you want to attend. Change the Subject Line to: Nashville Tim!

Bach, Woodworkers and Forests - Amazing Videos

Are you a woodworker? Did you know that sound is created when something vibrates? The sound you hear depends on the frequency and pitch of the vibration.

Now, with that said, do you think Bach had any idea his music would be played by a wooden ball in a Japanese forest? Watch the two videos at this page. Be sure to watch them in order starting with the one at the top of the page.

I believe you'll be amazed. Thanks to Russell Morris, of Queensland, Australia for bringing this to my attention.

I Didn't Know That!

In the last issue of this newsletter, I introduced this new feature. You may have watched a video that showed how smartphones give away your exact location, often without you realizing it's happening.

Forty-four percent of the people who watched the video responded, "I Didn't Know That!"

I did get one or two complaints about what happened when you voted. I've fixed that, so you'll not be surprised! Wait till you see what happens now when you vote.

Here's this week's challenge.

There's a secret way to make sure that a concrete or blacktop patch will not come out of your driveway or sidewalk. I've used this method for years. It works really, really well.

Do you know what it is? Many professionals are unaware of this method.

Read this past column of mine and tell me if you knew that secret tip of mine!

It won't take but a minute or two.

After reading the column, come back here and vote - just once please!

Hint for locating my Secret Tip:

Pay attention in the column where I talk about your dentist.


Tim, I Didn't Know That! Thanks for that great tip.


Tim, Do you think I'm a Dunce? I KNEW That! Try Harder Next Week.

Thanks for voting! Let's have more fun next week.

Do you like this new feature? If so, write back and tell me!

Continue to enjoy your summer, unless you live below the equator like Russell. Don't worry folks, it will warm up soon for you!


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