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July 30, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

If you're a new subscriber in the past few days, this is an abnormal newsletter. When I have a sale on my certified organic oxygen bleach Stain Solver, I always make a LAST CALL announcement.

I'll put out a somewhat normal newsletter soon - maybe this week as I travel to Portland, OR, for the KEEN shoe/boot factory tour.


The 10% off plus FREE SHIPPING sale is about to end in HOURS.

I have NO CLUE when we'll do another sale. Now is the time to get a 50#r and save huge money.

The sale was a gift to you because of my birthday.

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If you go to the cart and the Add to Cart button doesn't work, SWITCH browsers or devices. I guarantee you the issue is at your end, not at the cart.

Quick Story

Just a few hours ago, I finished a new patio under my new deck.

I used precast concrete large format stones that look like slate.

CLICK HERE to see a photo and read about it.

I used a newer product to fill the joints in between the pavers. It's called polymeric sand.

I've never used it before. This morning before going to church with Kathy, I watched two installation videos made by the manufacturer.

It turns out they have an oversight in their videos and in the written instructions on the bag!!!

They showed in the video using a broom to sweep off the excess sand before blowing off the dust.

The problem is they show you in the video to make the broom strokes go parallel or at a 90-degree angle with the joints in the pavers. When you do this, there's a tendency to dig out the sand from the joints.

I experimented and it happened. Having grouted tens of thousands of square feet of ceramic tile in my day, I decided to do the broom strokes at a 45-degree angle to the paver joints.

BOOM!!!! It made a huge difference and the dry sand didn't get dug out of the joints.

After wetting the sand and blowing off the water with a backpack leaf blower, the pavers look AMAZING!!!

I'll have photos for you in a new column I'm writing about this in a few days.

Go back up and get some Stain Solver. I seriously have no idea when we'll have another sale.

The promo code is SET TO EXPIRE so you need to ACT NOW!

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Portland, OR Meet Up

If you're planning to meet me in Portland, OR this Friday for breakfast, you BETTER reach out to me ASAP to set it up.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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