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June 18, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

Last week, I was in Milwaukee for just under 48 hours that spanned three days. I was there for the annual Milwaukee Tools Editors Conference. Here's a photo of me and an old friend Rob David after eating lunch the day of the conference.

Tim at Milwaukee Tools Editors Conference

Just a few hours after arriving in Milwaukee, I had a cozy meet-up with John, David and Jay. They're subscribers to this newsletter. Several others had to cancel out at the last minute, but that's often the case. It was a great time discussing many different subjects. We were seated in the bar/restaurant that's attached to the Brewhouse Inn and Suites.

Much of this newsletter will be devoted to this conference and all of the amazing tools I saw. But before we talk about Milwaukee, let's go south down to Chicago where Bosch Tools is headquartered. Bosch, in my opinion, is Milwaukee Tools fiercest competitor.


For the past few weeks, you've heard me shout about the wonders of Bosch Daredevil blades and bits. Just a few days ago, I used a dreamy Bosch Daredevil blade in my reciprocating saw to cut an opening for a new window. It cut the OSB like a new steak knife cuts pan-seared filet mignon.

To get you motivated to send in photos of how you use Daredevil blades and bits, Bosch is upping the ante. By a farmer's mile!

Bosch photo contest

Remember that Bosch Power Box radio? They're now giving one of those bad boys away EACH WEEK. I'm telling you this is an amazing radio, mp3 player, battery charger, etc. I believe it even can clean trucks and cars, but I've not yet found that switch.

Anyway use your phone camera, or whatever camera you have and upload your photo of you working NOW to boschdaredevil.com!

Hurry! You can win one of the sweet radios. You don't have to be a contractor or tradesperson to win. Seriously!


I've lost count of the tool conferences I've attended. After a while, they all seem to blur together.

But the excitement around the events never gets old. Often I shake my head at these events wondering why I didn't think of the latest innovation that passes through my hands.

Here's an example. Sawzall blades. Do you really think you could improve a metal-cutting blade?

Look at the newest Torch blade by Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Sazwzall Blade

What's so special about this blade? Two things come to mind. First see those red lines at the end of the blade? Those are stiffeners to prevent the blade from snapping.

Second, you can operate your saw at full throttle and not burn up the blade. That means faster cutting.


Have you ever struggled to drill 1/4-inch holes in hard porcelain ceramic tile with a pointed carbide bit only to have it slip and scratch the tile?

diamond grit bit

Enter the diamond grit bits that eliminate this pesky problem. While this bit design is not new, these are must-have bits for the serious DIYer or pro who needs perfect holes each time. They come in different diameters.

What about larger holes for faucets and pipes? Check out the diamond grit hole saws with the carbide spring-loaded centering bit. No more worrying about ruining tile. Wow!

diamond grit hole saws with the carbide spring-loaded centering bit


Ladies, you've probably been wanting one of the heated Milwaukee jackets. Wait no more, they're here in a stylish black with pink accents.

heated Milwaukee jackets

Milwaukee added a heated hoodie sweatshirt to the line as well. I wore one up on Mt. Washington this past Saturday. It was delightful. I'll be taping a video about this great heated hoodie soon. It was far too windy at the summit this past Saturday to get great audio.

There were countless other tools on display. Milwaukee hit it out of the ballpark with a new door lock install guide. I'll be featuring that in a few months.

The hand tool line is expanding faster than a croaking bullfrog's throat. The multi-bit screwdrivers, tape measures, regular nut drivers, screwdrivers, hollow nut drivers, etc. are going to put your head on a swivel.

As the year progresses, I'll be showing you more and more of what I saw.


Do you love beer and the history surrounding the breweries where this elixir is fermented? Or do you know a person who does, and are looking for that one-of-a-kind perfect gift for her / him?

Look no more. You NEED Paul Bialas' stunning coffee-table book of magnificent photos of the historic Pabst brewery where I stayed.

Pabst - An Excavation of Art

This pages of this book truly communicate the old saying, "A picture is worth 1,000 words."

When each editor checked into their room at the Brewhouse Inn and Suites, a copy of Paul's book was in our room. I paged through it mesmerized by the striking photos of the building and brewery complex where I was staying.

The photos were taken before the renovation so you can see the historic Pabst brewery and imagine the history baked into the brick buildings.

You'll not regret getting this book for yourself or that beer aficionado in your life.

You can get an author's signed edition or one without Paul's script. I was lucky enough to get one of Paul's signed copies.

Paul has DISCOUNTED each book for you. Seriously - He even mentions you, an AsktheBuilder Subscriber.

CLICK HERE to order one now directly from Paul:

Would you like to help Paul on his next project?

Then go to his Kickstarter Schlitz Photo Book Project!


The morning after the conference, I had the pleasure of having breakfast at a famous diner in Milwaukee, George Webb. My host was Anthony Yelch, the marketing manager for Paint Glider.

The Paint Glider is the paint roller tray that George Jetson would have used if he was doing any painting on that famous cartoon series. This tool is, by far, the most unique painting tray I've ever seen. When you see the shape of the tray, you'll know why it's perfect for the Jetson set!

Have you used a traditional paint tray? I have for decades. I've spilled paint when rolling the paint roller into a pan that's got too much paint in it. I've spilled paint all over the drop cloth as I try to slide the open paint tray to a new spot. I've spilled paint trying to carry flimsy paint trays across the room. I'm not one for laws that ban things, but the traditional paint tray should be outlawed in my opinion.

You don't have any of the above problems if you switch to the Paint Glider. You can push it, pull it, lift it and carry it while full of paint and you simply don't spill a drop.

Seeing the Paint Glider before heading to the airport was a great way to cap this delightful trip to Milwaukee!


So what's it like at a tool conference? Here's a very quick video that really doesn't do it justice. But you'll get a feel of the atmosphere.


Now, if you want to see how much fun we REALLY have, WATCH THIS VIDEO.

Do you have a YouTube channel of your own? If so, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

More tips and news next week!


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