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June 18, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

This coming Saturday (June 21, 2014) those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will enjoy the most amount of sunlight in a 24-hour period while our under-equator allies struggle through the most amount of darkness in the same 24 hours. It's time for the solstice.

For me, it's a sad day because the sun starts it's journey towards the south. Six months from now, it will be dark at 4:15 p.m. here in New Hampshire.

I can already see your email in my Inbox now, "Tim, you want depressing? Where I live here in FILL IN THE BLANK, it gets dark at 1:15 p.m. and doesn't get light again until 10:00 a.m. the next morning!" Yes, I'll have a piece of cheese with my whine.

This weekend, I work on the train at night. It's the insane Motorcycle Weekend here in central New Hampshire. The train acts as a giant shuttle for people who want to go to the epicenter of the event - The Weirs. No cars are allowed anywhere near The Weirs. You can get there one of six ways: walk, ride a motorcycle, by boat, swim, by the train or parachute in.

If you ride a Harley or similar bike, then surely you know about Laconia Bike Week. I'm told it's the third largest motorcycle gathering in the USA only behind Sturgis and Daytona.

The cooler weather, scenery and hundreds of miles of winding roads here in NH make for great riding.


Tip of the Week - Safe Wood Preservative Chemical

Sometimes I forget about how much unique content is tucked away at my AsktheBuilder.com website. As I was driving yesterday to town to do some errands, I thought about my past columns that discuss how you can soak lumber in a simple solution to give it great protection against wood rot and insects. I'll bet you didn't know you could do this, did you?

Check out these columns:

Soak Wood With Safe Borates

About Borate Chemicals

Using Borate Chemicals

Borate Chemicals


Barbara's Hypertufa Planter

Say what Tim? What the heck is a hypertufa planter?

As Napoleon Dynamite would say, "See for yourself."
Barbara's Hypertufa Planter


Quiet Power Technology Gas Engine

Would you like a lawn mower that makes 65% LESS noise when you operate it? I know your neighbors and ears would thank you! Watch this video I made on Fathers Day morning while everyone else was still sawing logs.
Briggs-Straton Engine


Stop, Look and Read

I know, you thought the last word would be Listen because of my new part-time fun summer railroad job.

Last week Rich Chrencik wrote saying:

"Excellent article of determining the size of a shed. I wish that this article was available eight years ago when I decided to purchase my 10 x 14 shed. I'm currently in the process of a shed addition, which will increase the size of my shed to 18 x 14. Hopefully others will heed your advice and build/purchase a shed that will not be undersized."

I responded to Rich saying that the article WAS AVAILABLE eight years ago.

In fact, that article and a host of other Planning columns have been on AsktheBuilder.com for about 18 years.

My son-in-law Brent told me about seven years ago, "Mr. Carter, you seem to be in the lifesaver business.

What I see is people coming to you begging for help AFTER they're in a mess. You have the information already there for free, but few seem to be willing to take the time and get up to speed before a job starts."

Never truer words were spoken. Do yourself a favor. Spend 30 minutes at my website the next time you're getting ready to do ANYTHING. I'll bet you'll discover something that will prevent a headache or heartache.


Tool Review - Makita Six-Point Socket Set

How would you like a very handy set of six-point sockets that work with your dandy impact driver? Wait until you see the clever way the engineers made it so the sockets could swivel for you in tight places. WATCH THIS VIDEO.

More Tips and a tool review video on Friday!

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This Friday you're going to discover a sage tip on how to match brick mortar when tuckpointing!!!!


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