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Kitchen Contractors Greenville SC Bad One

An older woman who lives in Greenville, SC emailed me about a problem with a kitchen contractor in Greenville, SC. We went back and forth as I tried to offer some advice.

I asked her permission if I could reprint the emails and she said, "You can use my location, might get people to check out the contractors they are going to sign on the dotted line with. If I can save one person from this guy I would feel better."

At the BOTTOM of her emails I tell you how she could have avoided this nightmare. Be sure to read what she says and my autopsy report.

Here are her emails in the order I received them:

Email #1

"We had the renovation from hell. None of the people our general contractor hired were licensed. This contractor advertises in church bulletins in upstate SC, HAD a good reputation then blew it with us.

We had to hire a lawyer, even our architect and several priests were surprised at the circumstances. Needless to say his business has been exposed.

I know a master plumber who is competent and believe you me Chris has worked for us, before the renovation and will be correcting the mistakes Fernando made all over the place.

We had our general contractor confused with someone who was ethical. Thanks for your help, I am sure this is our problem with the pot filler and look forward to having Chris fix the problem."

Email #2

"Believe you me, I will be using your contractor check list when we renovate our master bath. This contractor's incompetency, unethical behavior, came as a huge surprise to everyone who had known him previously. He HAD an A rating with the BBB and Angie's List before our job and two others he was doing at the same time.


I'm a pretty good photographer so I will try my best to get a macro shot (I will practice that one first) so I can send you a photo of "the impostor plumber's" mess.
He scratched up my new glass cooktop by putting a piece of cardboard from the dirty garage over it when he was installing the pot filler. The jacks-leg plumber denied he did it and blamed the tile guy. I know the tile man did not do it and the contractor refused to fix it!


This is a nightmare, that keeps on recurring. I should write a book about it it is so horrible. It's the worst contractor experience of my life and I am 70. It could be considered elder abuse!"


You will hear from me again when I have a photo of the inside of the female adapter on the wall on my pot filler.
Email #3
"And this contractor is a parishioner at  - name removed by editor - Catholic Church in Greenville (I go to Prince of Peace Catholic Church), how bout them apples. Crooks of the month unite! You just never know.


I will follow up with the photo and let you know what the real plumber says. You can use my location, might get people to check out the contractors they are going to sign on the dotted line with. If I can save one person from this guy I would feel better. My architect swears she will never recommend him again, and she does a lot of residential work."


Internet Home Improvement Coroner Tim Carter's Report:


This woman fell into the trap many do. She was too trusting.


If you want to hire a professional - and believe me THEY EXIST in just about every town/city in the USA, then I suggest you consider using my time-tested Contractor Hiring Guides.


This woman could have used my Kitchen Remodeling Hiring Guide and found the REAL PRO and had a very pleasant experience.


Be careful out there!

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