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Kitchen Remodeling Video

Remodeling an old kitchen can be fun if you use some creativity. Older kitchens were designed with the sink in front of the window, small countertops and few cabinets. But during your kitchen remodeling project, think modern. Move the sink to the corner, turn that small counter into a bar top.

After six months and a lot of sweat equity, the kitchen looks great. The room footprint was not changed, but the room looks bigger. The walls have been lightened up, light fixtures added, the cabinets are lighter and even the floor has been brightened up. In addition, by opening a wall or doorway to another room will help increase the apparent size of the kitchen.

This kitchen project added four layers of lighting. Indirect ceiling lights, recessed can lights, decorative hanging light fixtures over the bar and a ceiling fan with spotlights.

The kitchen sink has been moved to the corner and features a double bowl set 90 degrees to each other. Now the sink is in a position that it can be used and you can still face other people in the room.

All this makes a larger, more useable and friendly kitchen.


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