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Kitchen Sink Strainer Video


When installing a new kitchen sink, you have to attach the sink to the drain pipe. But first, you have to install the kitchen sink strainer. The strainer consists of several components: the strainer that fills the large hole in the sink, the basket that you use to plug the sink, and a large bowl shaped washer, rubber gasket and tightening nut.

To seal the strainer to the sink, use plumber's putty. Take a golf ball size amount of the putty and knead it and work it into a ring. This ring of putty should be the same size as the opening in the kitchen sink. Wipe the sink, around the hole, to remove all dirt and dust. Press the putty ring into place evenly around the drain opening. Set the strainer into place and apply even pressure. Some of the putty will start to squeeze out around the strainer.

Look underneath the sink and you will see excess putty around the strainer. Carefully remove the excess putty with your fingers. Now, install the large bowl shaped washer onto the bottom of the strainer. Be sure the rubber gasket is between the sink and the bowl shaped washer. Use the tightening nut to tighten the washer and gasket into place. Use channel lock pliers to tighten the nut.

To prevent the strainer from twisting, while tightening the nut, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to hold the strainer. Place the tips of the needle nose pliers into the opening of the strainer. Be sure the logo or manufacturer's name (if visible) is located at the top of the strainer. Looks better.

Have an assistant hold the pliers in the strainer, while you tighten the nut from under the sink. Once finished, hopefully your assistant will help you crawl out from under the sink!


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