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Klein 1/2 Inch Compact Impact Wrench

klein 1/2 inch impact driver

This is the business end of the Klein 1/2-Inch Compact Impact Driver.

Klein 1/2 Inch Compact Impact Wrench

I've used quite a few compact cordless impact wrenches as you might imagine. Several years ago, I used one for months to install nearly 2,000 square feet of Trex Transcend decking.

This new Klein Cordless Impact Driver won me over in minutes when it tightened the massive lug nuts on my Ford F-250 4x4 Super Duty. It saved my fingers and lots of time snugging up the nuts to the brake rotor.

This tool sports:

  • 1/2-inch driver with pin detent
  • 210 ft-pounds of torque
  • 0-2200 RPM - variable
  • 3100 chocs/minute
  • 2.3 pounds


klein 1/2 inch impact driver

This tool does a great job of spinning the lug nuts on my truck. It helps if you crack the nuts loose first to avoid stressing the tool. Note the tool is powered by DeWALT 20-volt batteries.

klein 1/2 compact impact driver

Here's the power plant that spins the driver. Lots of power with this 4.0 Ah battery.

klein 1/2 inch impact driver

Brushless motors are so nice!

Review Summary:

This is a durable tool that can last for generations if you care for it and don't ask it to do things it wasn't designed to do.

As always, take the few minutes to READ the owners manual to understand exactly how to use this wonderful tool so it serves you well for many years.



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