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Klein Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper Review

Wire Strippers

Here it is. This is a wonderful tool. Many features in one handy, comfortable tool. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have one delivered to your home in days. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Klein Heavy-Duty Wire Strippers

I've lost count of the number of wire strippers I've used in my career.

If you've ever done any new or remodel residential wiring, you know you often need two wire tools to accomplish most tasks.

They are:

  • wire strippers
  • linesman's pliers

The linesman's pliers are used to twist wires together when making a junction. They also have a great heavy-duty cutter that allows you to cut through 12 or 10-gauge romex cable.

Imagine having one tool instead of two! That's what the new Klein heavy-duty wire stripper is. It's item K12055.

Klein Heavy-Duty Wire Stripper Video

Watch this video to really get a feel for this tool.

Wire Strippers

This side is for cutting stranded wire. Flip it over for solid wire. CLICK THE PHOTO to have the strippers at your doorstep in days. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Wire Strippers

Flip the tool over and BOOM, you've got the proper holes for solid wire. Clever! CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have this tool delivered to your casa. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Wire Strippers

See the two holes below the Klein logo? those are for cutting off 6/32 and 8/32nds screws. You flip the tool over, thread in the screw to the desired length and squeeze the tool handles to trim off the screws without ruining the threads! CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have this tool in your hands in just 65.8 hours. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter


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