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Klein NCVT-3 Voltage Pen Tester Review Video

Tim Carter demonstrates the NCVT-3 voltage tester pen by Klein Tools.


4 Responses to Klein NCVT-3 Voltage Pen Tester Review Video

  1. I want one.... this video really really fooled me. the first time TC placed the tester near the hot cord i thought my coffee maker was doing something different until i realized it was the tool in the video making the sound

  2. Neat video on the voltage pen, would like to see how the nail tool works too.....can you post a video on that also ?

  3. Tim, Just purchased this voltage tester and I've found a million uses for the thing. It's SOOO much better than the old two-probe-and-light-up tester. I don't have to put my pinkies in danger any longer. Thanks for the great recommendation.

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