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Klein TI 250 Thermal Imager Review

klein ti 250 hot fiberglass door

Klein TI 250 Thermal Imager | This is an IR photo of my fiberglass front door. Yeeouch! HOT!

Klein TI 250 Thermal Imager Review - Small, Powerful & Handy

I had the opportunity to test the Klein TI 250 Thermal Imager over the past few weeks.

I love this dandy little thermal imager because:

  • it's small - just 3 x 3 x 1 inch!
  • it's easy to use
  • it takes photos
  • it's adjustable

This was not my first rodeo testing a thermal imaging camera. You might want to read my FLIR IR camera review too.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see the current low price for the Klein TI 250 thermal imager.

Why Did You Like It?

This Klein IT 250 reminds me of the old Instamatic cameras. You just take it out, turn it on, and BOOM you have a reading. Some other IR cameras require you to download an app and then you plug in the camera to your smartphone.

This IT 250 just works on its own. It's simple and elegant.

Do You Need to Buy a Micro-SD Card?

Yes, you have to buy a separate micro-SD card. I was really disappointed by this because small low-capacity micro-SD cards can be bought in volume for pennies. CLICK or TAP HERE to verify this - these are 2020 RETAIL prices! It's so frustrating to offer a feature on a product, but then say, "Sorry, you need to buy something else to make that feature work."

I asked Klein about this and they said the contractors they beta-tested the IT 250 with didn't think they'd use the take-a-photo feature of the thermal imager? So what? If you can put in a 25-cent card in the box, why not do it?

What are the TI 250 Specifications?

klein ti 250 specifications

What Do the Thermal Images Look Like?

Check out these photos:

klein ti 250 hot roof

This is a picture of my Davinci Roofscapes roof. It's pretty hot on an August day!

klein ti 250 hot fiberglass door

This is an IR photo of my fiberglass front door. Yeeouch! HOT!

klein ti 250 hot computer monitor

This is my iMac computer. Think how hot it is inside the case!

klein ti 250 hot garage door

This is my HAAS wood-grained aluminum garage door. It's a dark brown. So the sun heats it up.

klein ti 250 hot blacktop asphalt

Blacktop and asphalt can get hot. Be careful with toddlers' tender bare feet!

klein ti 250 hot fiber cement siding

This is a cream yellow fiber cement siding in the sun. It can get hot too.




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