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Ladder Safety Tips

Ladder Safety Tips

The best thing to do is always inspect your ladder before using it. Check for loose or missing bolts. Look for cracks in rungs or the rails.

New ladders come with instruction labels. I know this sounds crazy, but read them. You might learn something!

Lubricate moving parts with light weight oil.

Store ladders inside when possible. This keeps them in great shape. UV light can harm fiberglass and wood over time!

Check the setup of your ladder before ascending. Make sure all locking mechanisms are indeed locked.

Always check for overhead electrical wires before unloading, carrying, or erecting ladders. This is especially critical at night!

Never place bricks, wood, rocks or any other movable material under ladder legs. Dig out the ground to level ladders or use a leveling leg.

There should always be at least 12 inches of wall on either side of the top of the ladder.

Don't lean out beyond a ladder to reach work. You can change the center of gravity and cause the ladder (and you!) to fall.

Don't climb a closed step ladder. The bottom of the legs are not designed for this purpose. It can and will slide out from the wall.

Set extension ladders at the right angle - 75.5 degrees or a 1/4 ratio. This means set the base of the ladder out from the contact point 1 foot for every 4 feet from the ground to the contact point.

If a ladder is too heavy, get help!

Climb all ladders facing them.

Don't work from ladders if you have a bad head cold. Your balance can be affected by head colds.

Avoid carrying heavy objects up ladders. If can affect your balance and you can overload the ladder.

Don't use ladders as a horizontal beam or scaffold. That is not what they are designed for.

Don't climb the back of a step ladder. Those are not rungs!

Never stand above the 2nd step from the top of a step ladder or the 4th rung from the top of an extension ladder.

Wear shoes with non slip soles. Watch your footing when wet!

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