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LE Johnson Soft Close Installation Video

Please watch this video and behold the magic of LE Johnson:


3 Responses to LE Johnson Soft Close Installation Video

  1. The video presentation is some great graphics work!
    I like the disappearing screws. That is what really happens often on a job!

  2. I would like to install a pocket door to close off the stairs to the second floor. The door would always remain open enough for the cats to access the stairs. [I think I just answered my own question.]
    I was going to ask about having the soft close with enough room for the cats but I think it would be better if I had a small hinged door in the bottom corner that I could open for them. The wee door would have to be tall enough to clear the bottom step and allow ample room for them to hop up to it.
    I love pocket doors, although they would be satisfying for drama queens!

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