Lenox Jig Saw Blades Review Podcast

lenox jig saw blade

Lenox Jig Saw Blades Podcast:

  • Tim Carter chats with Brian Morrison from Lenox Tools about the new family of superb new Lenox jig saw blades.
  • Jig Saw Blades designed to deliver optimal performance when cutting a variety of materials including wood, metal, and laminate. LENOX Jig Saw blades suit the needs of a variety of industries including; Woodworking, Construction, Metal Fabrication, Specialty Trades, Industrial and Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO).
  • The new LENOX Jig Saw range delivers on clean cuts, long blade life, and durability, and offers additional benefits in the form of versatility and straight cutting.
  • For wood-based applications, LENOX Jig Saw Blades feature POWER BLAST TECHNOLOGY®, a high-speed blasting process that strengthens the blade to reduce breaks. Proven to be extremely effective on the LENOX range of reciprocating saw blades and industrial band saw blades, this technology delivers enhanced durability to jig saw users as well.
  • For common metal cutting applications, such as sheet metal or steel tubing, LENOX Bi-Metal Jig Saw Blades feature the same POWER BLAST TECHNOLOGY as well as proprietary T2 Technology™ to provide fast, efficient cutting in a range of applications.
  • For the toughest metal cutting applications, such as steel plate or stainless steel, the updated offering features LENOX POWER ARC® Curved Jig Saw Blades. The curved profile of the blade optimizes the angle of attack for fast cutting and provides up to two times longer life than the previous generation when cutting metal.
  • The new Jig Saw Blades are manufactured in the USA with global materials.


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