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Loop Vent Video

Loop Vent Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I want to talk a little about loop vents. What a loop vent is a plumbing vent and drain system that would be used in a kitchen island, or where a typical plumbing fixture isn't up against a wall so that the vent can't be run to the roof.

In those cases, you have to install a loop vent. The important part of the loop vent is the way it works and gets connected back to the plumbing system and how it gets air. You need to understand that, as the is the trouble. But you can install a loop vent like this that will meet code and work perfectly.

Some plumbers will tell you to forgot loop vents and just install a mechanical vent. However, any thing mechanical will eventually malfunction. That is a problem. A loop vent system uses gravity, physics and Mother Nature to work. So it won't malfunction.

If you want to know more about loop vents, click here to go to my AsktheBuilder.com Store. You know how that works. I am going to give you some information and in return you have to give me something back in the purchase price of the AsktheBuilder Answer How to Make a Plumbing Loop Vent document.

This document will provide you with plumbing diagrams of a loop vent, a FULL video showing you the entire loop vent setup and text describing the science as to how a loop vent works.


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