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Making Paint Last

Other Tips for a Long Lasting Paint Job

For previously painted surfaces, thoroughly wash the surfaces with soap and water. Many paint manufacturers recommend the use of a 'powdered commercial cleanser'. Spic & Span, Soilex, and TSP(trisodium phosphate) are examples. However, be careful with TSP. It can be very harsh for your eyes and skin and the phosphates are somewhat harmful to the environment. Wash the areas with a sponge or brush and pole similar to what billboard hangers use. Rinse thoroughly and let dry. The surface must be dry before painting. Also, beware of damp wood. Do not paint it until it has completely dried.

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New Wood

Take the time to prime all sides and edges of the wood prior to installation. This in some ways can be faster, since you can roll the paint on working off of saw horses. When the wood is cut during installation, prime the freshly cut edge (usually end grain) as it is being installed. The end grain of wood is where water can easily enter the wood. You do not want water in the wood. Heat causes it to 'boil' to the surface and push (blister / peel) the paint from the wood. If you take the time to completely seal each piece of wood, your paint job will last for many years to come. This process takes more time in the beginning, however, it will pay dividends far into the future.

Always, always use recommended primers. Primers generally have a high resin content so that they 'stick' to the surface to be painted. They are also formulated so that the finish coat sticks to them.

READ AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON THE PAINT CAN! -- This effort will be rewarded.

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