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Manual Log Splitter Video


If you have a large log splitting job, and you are tired of using one of those splitting mauls, try a manual log splitter. This log splitter has a 10-ton hydraulic pump. The hydraulic ram pushes the log into the splitting wedge. It can handle up to 18" logs. This model features two different ram speeds. The speed stroke for smaller logs. And the power stroke for larger logs.

Before using the manual log splitter, be sure to read the manual and observe all safety warnings. Typically, you should wear safety glasses and heavy gloves. Be sure to be alert and keep the work area clear so you do not trip over objects.

This manual log splitter stores the handle right along side of the tool. Remove the handle from the storage area and drop it in one of the two jack handle positions.

As you pump the handle back and forth, the ram pushes the log forward into the splitting wedge. A wide wedge will cause the log to split faster with less work.

The manual log splitter will save your back over using a splitting maul. This tool is portable and easy to use.

Tim Carter, AsktheBuilder.com


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