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Manufactured Stone

Coronado Stone Co. and Eldorado Stone Corporation are large manufacturers of man-made stone veneer. They have distributors spread out across the USA and quite likely, one is in your area. Check out their web sites to find the locations of local distributors. Good luck on your upcoming manufactured stone project!

The following is a list of manufacturers of man-made stone veneer products

  • Bradstone
  • Castia Stone
  • Centurion Stone
  • Classic Stone Products
  • Coronado Stone Products
  • Eldorado Stone Corporation
  • L-B Stone
  • Luck Stone
  • Nailite International
  • Nichiha Fiber Cement
  • Owens Corning
  • Stonetile
  • TriLite Stone Company

I have personally seen Owens Corning samples and was dazzled. The realism of their products is unbelievable. My guess is that many other manufacturers may also produce high quality artificial stone as well. You will simply have to compare for yourself.

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