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March 11, 2016 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Spring is here in New Hampshire! WOO HOO!!!

Two days ago, it was, are you sitting down, 71 F. Holy Cucumber! Normally, it would be about 41 F and there could be two feet of snow still on the ground.

I spent the day with two friends over by the Connecticut River at the Saint Gaudens National Historic Site.

What was I doing there? CLICK HERE to discover!

While on the subject of amateur radio, I had something big happen two weeks ago. I passed perhaps the last exam I'll take in my life.

I sat for the Amateur Extra test and aced it with a 100% score. If you're not an amateur operator, you probably have a BIG yawn going right about now.

It's a pretty big deal as only 18.5% of all licensed operators have attained Amateur Extra, the highest level you can achieve in the hobby. With these license privileges, I have access to every megahertz of the amateur radio spectrum.

Blah blah blah ... I know, you probably think this is all boring as can be. Here's all I want to say. Amateur radio is a magnificent hobby and what I like to do is mix radio with outdoor hiking and camping.

Get that picture out of your head of a radio operator down in a basement surrounded by all these glowing tubes and giant boxes. Modern radios that allow you to communicate all over the world are the size of deck of cards.
Bathroom Remodel Update

I started the bathroom remodel yesterday! Four videos have been taped. I'll have them ready for you on Sunday.

I stripped the drywall off the side of the shower wall and made a SHOCKING discovery.

It appears the builder and ceramic tile installer did NOT use any waterproof membrane underneath the custom seat that was built inside the massive tile shower stall.

My guess is they thought the ceramic tile, the grout and the cement board are waterproof. Well guess what?

Only one of the above is waterproof. Can you guess which one?

You'll discover the answer on Sunday.

MYSTERY LINK! What is the time-tested SECRET ingredient the old-time masons used to make sure stucco would NOT FALL OFF a concrete wall?

Discover Price of New Home with One Click!

Are you thinking of building a new home but want to know WHAT it will cost early in the process?

Would you be interested in a magic simple spreadsheet that you enter in just ONE NUMBER and it automagically calculates the price of all the other things AND the total price?

Did you get that?

You just need to know ONE NUMBER - the price of one component of your new home - that's all!

Once you know one number, the magic behind the spreadsheet does all the other work for you!

CLICK HERE to watch a video I taped about it.

Here's how it works.

Say you've got a set of simple plans but they're accurate enough for a foundation contractor to give you a price for your footers and poured concrete foundation.

You take those two numbers, enter them into the correct cells on the spreadsheet and hit enter.

​This spreadsheet works in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Google Sheets.

BOOM! All the other numbers get filled in and you also see the grand total estimate for your new home.

How cool is that?

Here's the BEST PART. You can enter in ANY number that you have. Let's say you know the cost of all the windows you're going to use in the house.

Just enter that number in the right cell and BOOM! There's your price for the entire house.

Maybe you know the entire cost to hang and finish the drywall. BOOM! Enter just that number and the magic happens!

What's it worth to you to have an idea of the actual cost before you invest weeks or months trying to GUESS at the number?

Is it worth the price of five caramel lattes?

I thought so. Yep, just $19.95 and that's the LOW INTRODUCTORY PRICE.

I'm holding the price DOWN just for you as I know this tool is worth far more than twenty bucks.

CLICK HERE to get it right now.

White Mystery Powder

Do you know all there is to know about that pesky white deposits on your foundation wall, your garden wall, your paving brick, your chimney, etc.?

It's efflorescence.

Do NOT use water to get rid of it! Why?

I suggest you read these columns and WATCH the videos:

Efflorescence Video

What CAUSES Efflorescence?

Remove Efflorescence

Okay, that's enough for a Friday morning.

I'll be back at you on Sunday with some bathroom remodel videos!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

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