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March 11, 2018 AsktheBuilder Extra Stuff Newsletter

The software I use to send this newsletter allows me to create the newsletter hours or days before it actually sends.

I had it queued up to send at 7:00 am Eastern Time today and as it was sending, holy cucumber, I saw another jaw-dropping sunrise. It was imperative I share it with you NOW.

I decided to create a page at the website so you can see a LARGER photo.

Lake Winnisquam Sunrise

CLICK HERE to see the larger photo.


My inbox is exploding with great comments about my new podcasts.

I'm excited to share that podcast 3 is sponsored by L. J. Smith Stair Systems.

If you want a stunning staircase handrail, then there's only one company to look at for all the parts - L. J. Smith.

Look at this photo of my own staircase. I installed this over-the-post handrail. Pay attention the the THREE DIFFERENT types of balusters!

over the post handrail

CLICK HERE to see a fantastic slide show of photos of L. J. Smith's wood railing systems.

CLICK HERE to see their modern and contemporary railings.

CLICK HERE to see their STUNNING traditional Iron Systems. Do you like that New Orleans look? WOWZA, don't miss these!!!

Okay, I need to get ready for church. I'm the head usher at the 10:30 mass. I'm wearing a navy-blue shirt with a striped red and blue bow tie today. Spiffy indeed!

I'll be back next week. There are so many new things happening. It's very exciting!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Mr. Bow Tie Red Dragon Man - CLICK HERE for bow tie photo

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