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March 13, 2015 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

This is actually Tuesday's issue. I was hammered earlier this week, but you'll see why on Sunday!

There's a BIG GAME that's going to be in the Sunday newsletter and you don't want to miss this one - especially if you don't want stuff inside your house to get wet.

Wait until you see the funny answers I came up with this time!

So be SURE to open the Sunday issue and play the game!

Spring Fix-Up Projects

I want to write an article for you that covers the top three Spring repair projects that might be on your list.

You VOTE and I'll create the article from top three topics. It should take you no more than 90 seconds to do this.


Chuck and Backup Your Stuff

Here's a very short true story.

Forty years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a young carpenter / builder like myself. His name was Chuck Sallee. He lived in Northern Kentucky by the Turfway horse race track. It used to be called Latonia back in the day. Eventually, the Greater Cincinnati Airport took Chuck's parents house to expand the airport.

Chuck was one of the hardest working and honest workers I ever had the chance to be around. We eventually became partners with a few other workers in a small construction company.

I marveled at Chuck's truck. He ALWAYS had one or two DUPLICATE tools and all sorts of extra stuff. He had two circular saws, two drills, two or three levels, etc.

When I asked about this, he replied, "Timmy, if your saw breaks down how long is it going to take you to leave the job and go drive to get a new one and be back working? You MUST always have backup for your MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS so you can keep working!"

AMEN to that!

So I did what Chuck did. I soon had many duplicate tools, parts, etc. in my panel body truck. Believe me, it made me more profitable and I never LOST time on the job.

But now you and I work with electrons on our computers, tablets and phones.

Do you REALLY have DUPLICATE information?

Are you REALLY backing up your IMPORTANT files, photos, etc? Do you have MULTIPLE backups in case one goes CAPUT?

My guess is no.

You may say, "Yes Tim, I'm backing up right here at my house with an external hard drive. I'm in great shape until my house BURNS DOWN or a flood ruins the hard drive."

This is why I just partnered up with iDrive.

iDrive is an AUTOMATED computer, tablet, phone BACKUP service.

You can backup UNLIMITED numbers of devices into ONE ACCOUNT! Wowzaaaa!

You set it up and it works in the background without you having to do anything. Your data, photos, important files, etc. are all stored in the cloud SAFELY and SECURELY.

I'm using iDrive and you should to.

They created a SPECIAL offer for you since you're one of my subscribers. It's an incredible deal.

CLICK HERE to PRESERVE all your IMPORTANT files, photos, things that would take you MONTHS to recreate. Some things you have on your computer or phone CAN'T BE RECREATED!

Don't put this off. Yes, iDrive pays me a small commission if you sign up. You'll be GLAD I told you about this!!!


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New Questions and Answers!

I'm trying to add two a day. I can't publish them ALL HERE.

To see ALL NEW questions and answers I add to the website, CLICK HERE.

You Can POUR Concrete in WATER! Secret Method!!!!

Historic Building Brick EROSION - How to FIX and STOP It

Deadbolt HARD to TURN - EASY EASY Fix!

That's all for today.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and take advantage of that iDrive offer above. You'll SLEEP easier knowing your valuable stuff is backed up!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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