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March 17, 2012 AsktheBuilder Newsletter And Tips

This is NOT a normal newsletter if you just subscribed in the past few days.

A real newsletter is coming out on Tuesday, but I had two things to share this weekend.

Happy St. Patrick's Day by the way!

New Website Design

How do you like the new website design at AsktheBuilder.com? We've been working very hard on it for months. Tell me if you think it's faster.

You do know that you can adjust the size of the type you see on your monitor by adjusting the Preferences in your browser software, right? I often get complaints about that. You can make the type font bigger or smaller at your end within seconds by navigating to where you adjust the font size.

If you need to find an answer to your question(s), ALWAYS use the search engine box that's now at the bottom of your screen. It floats along with you as you scroll down the page. We're making it more prominent today.

I'm also loading a new Welcome video that will be in the upper right corner of each page. That should help educate visitors on how to best use the website.

See the social media tool in the upper left of each page? I would *really* appreciate it if you would use this heavily. Please Like each page you're on Facebook assuming you find the information on that page helpful.

Do the same with the Twitter button. Use the Share button to email the page to yourself, a friend or someone else. If you're a Google Plus person, click that button on each page you're at assuming you feel that page is useful to others. That's what it's all about. I'm trying to help you with great free information, and I'd appreciate it if you would help me in return. You do just that by clicking those buttons each time you're at the site.

I'm going to explain why clicking these buttons on each page is so vitally important in a blog post on Tuesday. There's big search engine change in the wind, and I absolutely need your help now.

The Tool Review section is empty right now, but you'll see the first review up on Tuesday. I started testing the Senco Lithium-Ion F-18 Finish Nailer yesterday. Early Line: WOW! You'll not want to miss that review.

If you work for a PR firm that represents a tool manufacturer, or work for the actual manufacturer, you'll want to start sending me tools to review.

They can be hand tools or power tools. Send any tool that's of great quality and people can buy now. You have to fill out the form at this page to do it.

Deck Cleaning and Sealing eBook

About ten days ago, I did an overview from 45,000 feet on deck cleaning and sealing. That's the altitude private jets travel. I discovered that fact from a friend last fall. They fly higher than commercial aircraft because the air is thinner up there and the private jets can go faster. Isn't that amazing? I never knew that. But I digress.

I got SO MANY questions from subscribers like you after that feature in the March 6th newsletter, that I decided the topic is worthy of a book.

I'm soliciting questions from you right now. Please send me your burning questions about deck cleaning and sealing ASAP.

Please do not ask questions about Building a Deck. That's going to be a future eBook.

I'm just looking for questions about cleaning, sealing and minor repairs you have to make before you clean and seal. You can ask questions about regular care or things you feel might harm a deck. Or maybe it's about snow and ice.

I already have all the normal ones like:

  • What's the best sealer?
  • What's the best cleaner?
  • How do I remove tough stains?
  • Ventilation questions
  • etc.

Please list each of your questions on a separate line in your reply. Please change the Subject Line to: Deck Questions.

Finally, I've been searching for a deck flossing tool. I can't seem to find it. This is a tool that would remove organic debris from between tightly spaced decking boards.

Do you know of such a tool? Yes, I realize you can blast away at this with a pressure washer, but that can damage wood surfaces.

I'm looking for some sort of thin metal tool that can be put in the groove.


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