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March 19, 2013 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

Last week, I asked for your help to discover a small waterproof plastic box.

Logan Jones, who hails from Missoula, MT, discovered the exact clear plastic box I needed within five minutes of the newsletter being sent out. Way to go!

But Justin Haynes wins the award for super sleuth. Not only did he find the actual case, he found Hanz's website where Hanz shows how to build the radio! Justin added, "That was a very fun game. I found it! This was some serious sleuthing, and a great adventure!"

Justin, indeed you did find it! Hanz came over to my house this weekend, and we started to build my radio. You can see Hanz's radio on the left and the beginnings of my radio in the box to the right.

I was soldering tiny components on the circuit board that you see inside my clear plastic box. It's a boatload of fun building this portable radio that will contain it's own power supply!

Thanks to everyone that jumped in to help me. Guess what? The exact box was just six miles away from me in the camping department of my local Walmart store. Go figure!

I'm deeply grateful to have you as a subscriber. It's wonderful to know that you're willing and able to help me when I need an assist.



Jeannie Fuhrmann wrote to me with a great story that you need to read. It can save you lots of money, and your furnace will love you.

"Hi Tim!

My husband and I have been doing some updates on our 1958 house over the past year. We've been able to do this because of all the wonderful information on the Internet from people like you.

There's one tip I've never seen mentioned that I wanted to pass on to you. I'm new to your newsletter, so maybe you've covered something like this before. Our furnace has been making gasping sounds for the past two weeks.

I was afraid the blower was going out again. Then last night it occurred to me that we've been doing a lot of sanding lately and I should check the air filter. The filter looked horrible! We use three-month filters, but with all the work we've been doing, they probably need to be checked once a month.

Anyway, maybe you could pass that on to your readers (if you haven't already). Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Best wishes,


Jeannie, I'm glad you figured out that the furnace was starved for air. You can burn up a blower motor if you operate a furnace with a clogged air filter.

You're correct about one thing. I've mentioned this before, actually on several occasions. But it's always great to remind folks to change furnace filters. Thanks for sharing!



Don't think I want an earthquake to happen to you.

DaVinci Roofscapes, the color leader in the polymer roofing vertical, has just launched a home exterior color contest.

All you have to do is take and submit a digital photo of the exterior of your home, write a compelling 250-word story as to why *your* house deserves the color shake up and then submit it to DaVinci Roofscapes via their Facebook page.

If your house is chosen as one of the five finalists, people will vote for the winner over a two-week period. The top vote getter get the $5,000 grand prize.

To begin the entry process, all you have to do is CLICK HERE. Once you do that, simply Like the DaVinci Roofscapes Facebook page. When you do that, you'll be able to enter this cool contest. I wish I could enter, but I'm not allowed.

Why should you enter? Last fall an AsktheBuilder.com newsletter subscriber WON the Bosch Take-Back-Your-Day contest.

While you're taking the photo of your house and writing your story, I'll be summoning all my fellow wizards here in New Hampshire. We'll cast a protective spell on you so that you have a great chance of winning. How's that for good jujumagumbo?

Do it now. CLICK HERE to visit the DaVinci Roofscapes page. You just might win $5,000.00.



I'll be at the Concord, NH Home and Garden Show this weekend. I'm scheduled to do a one-hour talk on Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. It's a typical Ask the Builder session where I answer *your* questions about your home. You get free advice from a person that doesn't have a dog in the fight!

Before and after the talks I'll be in booth #91 demonstrating Stain Solver! Come visit!



My very good friend Dan Gray needs your help. He's an expert on car gas mileage.

Just a few days ago he launched a Kickstarter project. He's going to create a video series to show how to get better gas mileage from used or existing cars. Not everyone can go out and buy a new fuel-efficient car! I know I can't right now.

I highly recommend that you support Dan in this effort so that all of us can save money at the gas pump! That's a good thing!

CLICK the Ain't Fuelin' image at the top of Dan's Kickstarter page and watch his compelling video.



Speaking of video series, how would you like to save a cool $1,000 or more? You can by installing your new exterior door yourself. It's not hard, and I show you how to do this in a series of videos! Get my Install a New Front Door videos NOW.

Guess what my next video series is? How would you like to discover how to install a new window in a wood-frame wall where there is currently NO WINDOW? Oh yeah baby, we're going to cut a hole in a wall! That's more fun than a barrel full of monkeys!



Next week I'll be publishing a small booklet showing the photos of the sixteen or so deck stain and sealer test panels. In the booklet, you'll see the Before and After photos and the names of all the sealers that agreed to participate in the test.

Here's a photo I took after six months of extreme weathering here in New Hampshire. You can see that some of the sealers and stains failed miserably.

If, after looking at the booklet, you then want to know which photos match up with which stain and sealer names, you'll be given a link so you can get access to that information.

Next week, at the same time, we'll be having our annual massive Stain Solver Sale. You absolutely want to OPEN that email as soon as it arrives in your Inbox to get the best deal possible on Stain Solver.



Our newest size of Stain Solver, the little 0.4-pound size is rapidly becoming our biggest seller! Why? Because you can now test out Stain Solver for yourself for under $10.

It's the perfect size to clean the dirty floor tile grout in the average kitchen. Or, you can mix up enough solution to get out the stains from about five t-shirts or blouses.

I'm able to deliver this size to anyone in the USA or US Territories for just $9.97.

Just click the top radio button here at the Stain Solver shopping cart and get yours today! See where it says (Perfect SAMPLE SIZE) in the upper right corner? That's the size!

Thanks for reading this newsletter! I'll be here next week the Good Lord willing!


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