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March 20, 2022 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Issue #1174 (I think...)

This might be your first issue. That's worthy of a toast! Make mine whole wheat. I know, I know, don't quit my day job.

But what about you? It's possible you signed on with Issue #814. Do you recall this photo?

puddles on this sidewalk

Do you have this problem at your house? Maybe not in a sidewalk at the street but one alongside your home. Maybe it's water collecting against a patio. Maybe you have puddles in a driveway.

I share a fantastic way to solve the problem in this past column.


It's Far Worse Than is Being Reported

Have you noticed how the price of many things has soared in the past fifteen months? I put 21 gallons of gas in my truck on Friday and the pump display said $91.25. Are you kidding me?

Just in the last year, the cost of building a new home is risen almost $20,000.00. HOLY TOMATO!

The price of my used Ford F-250 Super Duty 4x4 is up nearly 30% in the past year. It's got 145,000 miles on it and in excellent condition. What model year? 2009!!!

Do you know what causes inflation? Big business is an easy target, but the true cause lies with the people you and I have voted for in the past. We've made some really bad choices!

Did you know the money in your savings account or wallet is a commodity just like chickens, lumber, or pork bellies. It just so happens that we've decided to use money as the exchange mechanism when you or I go to buy something.

It's far easier to carry around pieces of paper with special green and blue ink than cages of poultry hoping the person selling gasoline will accept your clucking chickens.

Inflation is caused when you put too much money into circulation. When the Congress of the USA passes spending and aid bills in the billions and trillions of dollars like it's been doing recently, you're guaranteed to create inflation.

You do realize the US Treasury is empty, right? We spend more money each year than we take in. If you did that year after year you'd be bankrupt. The USA can get away with it for a short time longer only because the US Dollar is the world reserve currency.

Do you realize our national debt is now in excess of $30 Trillion Dollars?!!!The money in those expenditure bills doesn't exist when the bill is signed into law. The Federal Reserve just creates the money out of thin air and piles it onto our debt.

US Debt Clock image

It's that simple. Printing more money just because you can automatically makes it LESS VALUABLE. Because the money is less valuable, the people who are selling you and me things want MORE OF IT in exchange for what we're buying.

The prices of building materials is out of control. It's going to get WORSE in my opinion. Now is the time to buy anything you need for your home unless you have a bottomless pit of money or a secret high-grade printing press.

I suggest you read this article. It does a great job of explaining inflation. It contains a fantastic history of inflation, including how it played a part in ending the War of Northern Aggression. Once you consume the article, direct your ire eastward towards the state of Maryland.

Trust me, you're going to see the prices of things go way up in the next year or so. It's going to be horrible. If you think inflation is going to ease up soon, I've got a wonderful lake here in New Hampshire I'd love to sell you.

Crown Molding - EASY!

Do you want to install crown molding? It's not that hard, especially if you follow my instructions.
crown molding cutting corner

I recommend you grab a copy of my crown molding installation instructions. It's an instant download PDF file.

I share with you how to install crown molding in just about any situation, including vaulted ceilings.

Tinnitus Relief - Seriously

I've suffered from tinnitus for decades. Six years ago, I discovered how to stop noticing the ringing in my ears.

You'll not believe how simple it is and what's really going on inside your brain. Go here and read about how I discovered the secret about how to stop being bothered by tinnitus.

Do You Need My Help?

Are you having trouble untangling bids and are worried about which one to choose? I can help you.

Are you about to purchase replacement windows? Do you know the best ones to buy? I can help you.

Are you embarking on building a new home? Do you want to raise the odds you'll still be friends with your builder at the end of the job? I can help you.

How can I help? Let's you and I jump on a short phone call.
shovel man digging

Join my Discord!

About ten days ago, I got set up on Discord with the help of a new friend. It's a fascinating SAFE platform that will allow you to hang out with me and lots of other Ask the Builder friends whenever you have a chance. It reminds me of a coffee shop, a conference center, and in some ways the new wing of my high school with nine different classrooms.

Watch a few videos to get your head around this amazing technology. I believe within SECONDS you'll see how you and I can use the amazing Discord technology to SAVE YOU LOTS OF TIME AND MONEY.

Perhaps the biggest benefit is you can often get an answer to a problem you have 24 hours a day. Some other Discord user might be in the Ask the Builder area sipping a latte or working on a wood lathe. She or he will stop and help you if I'm sawing logs or otherwise busy.

Think of Discord as the Comment Section under any of the columns on my website (they currently don't work!), but on the most powerful steroids known to woman or man.

screenshot Ask the Builder Discord server
You can join Discord for FREE and:

  • start to discuss home improvement topics with new friends
  • share photos of your projects
  • ask any questions about anything
  • discover really cool links that I share during my LIVE video streams
  • uncover so much more

I realize you're a busy person, so the Discord platform allows you to interact with me if I'm on it during the day or you can get help from others who might have the same interests as you.

We've set up quite a few topic areas if you just want to hang out in those places. Check out in the left column all the topic areas. Realize I can ADD MORE if you don't see a topic area you'd like. Just ask me to do it.

I think you get the point. Trust me, you'll be WISE to join my Discord. Remember, it's FREE!

That's enough for a Sunday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
HILTON HOTELS Uses - www.StainSolver.com
Mr. DX - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Do you know what real whitewash is? Did you know it doesn't have to be white? Yes, you can tint whitewash any color! Go here and scroll down to see just a few of the colors you can have!


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