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March 26, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

This will be a fairly short newsletter.

It's time to party!

Below you'll discover two links. One is for the three Grand Prize FINALISTS for the Treasure Hunt. The other link is for the Secondary Prize winners.

I need you to go to the FINALISTS page, review the entries  and VOTE for one of the three.

Using great skills, magic and the nice tool at random.org, I was able to select the other 40 winners of the other prizes in the Treasure Hunt.

You could be one of the selected winners!!!!

Go check and if your name is in the list and you have the same email address as the person I have in my spreadsheet, you're a prize winner!

You need to send me your shipping address so I can send you a prize.

Product Recall News - IMPORTANT

I've got two important product recall notices for you - they were just announced yesterday.

One's about LED lights, and the other about solar panels.

CLICK HERE  now to see if you have these products!!!

Reminder - Dallas, TX Meetup

I'm going to be in Dallas for less than 48 hours beginning on April 8th. The meetup would be that night about 8 pm.

I'll be landing at the big airport and then heading south towards Mansfield, TX. We can grab some great TX food. AsktheBuilder.com meetups are fun!

You can ask me any question you like. Reply to this email and change the subject line to: Dallas Meetup

Treasure Hunt Grand Prize FINALISTS

Michael, Terry and Ward were my three judges who spent valuable time going over all the entries for the grand prize. Thank you for this great effort!

Their job was to select three entries they felt would benefit by me stopping by.

Now it's your turn to do the last bit of work.

You get to VOTE for the winner of the 2014 Ask the Builder Treasure Hunt Grand Prize Winner!

We have three finalists:

  • Art
  • Lynn
  • Stewart

CLICK HERE to review the entries and VOTE for the winner!

The voting ends in just a few days - on March 31, 2014 at midnight ET.


The OTHER Treasure Hunt Winners!

Last year, I goofed up in the Pocket Door Contest. I created a treasure trove of tools and only ONE PERSON was the winner.

Looking back, I feel that was a mistake. I should have split up the prizes among several winners.

That's what I did this year.

CLICK HERE to see if you're one of the winners of the secondary prizes.

If you see your name on the list and you're the SAME person who played in the Treasure Hunt, email me with your shipping address.

I'll be taking the names of the winners and randomly matching them up with the prizes.

Congratulations to the winners and THANKS FOR PLAYING in the Treasure Hunt.

More games are coming soon in the newsletter. They'll only require a few minutes of your time and won't give you a headache - but my crazy answers and twisted humor will be plentiful!

Fun Game Next Issue

Okay, we're going to play a fun game in the next newsletter

You get to guess what day the LAST of the snow is gone from the cul-de-sac at the top of my driveway. Right now there's a massive pile.

I'm going to tape a video today showing you the snow and ice. I'll be standing up on the pile and will show it to you from all angles. The video will give you much of the information you need to know to garner a good guess.

I'm sure more than one person will pick the correct day. In that case, one winner will be selected at RANDOM from that group.

The winner gets a 9-pound container of Stain Solver.

More tips and news in the next issue!


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