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March 7, 2021 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

I’ve been told my newsletter is one of the quirkiest ones around. If this is your first issue, you get to be the judge and jury. Often I start off with a subject that has nothing to do with home improvement. Today is one of those days. You’re about to meet Jason who I saw as he was walking along Lower Bay Road. I headed to the grocery store and he was headed to work.

You can see sunrises like this driving along that road here in central New Hampshire.
NH Sunrise March 2021

You, though, might have been a subscriber for 269 moons, maybe more. Do you recall that video I shot for Channel 9 news in Cincinnati, Ohio? Ron Fischer was the videographer and it was one of my first videos for the TV station. CLICK or TAP HERE and tell me if you think you’re a sissy.

Be SURE TO SCROLL DOWN below the video to see the BEST drill bits.


Has it happened to you? It’s like falling in love. You know it when it happens. CLICK or TAP HERE and take a dip in the magic waters of synchronicity. I fell under the spell of this elixir this past Wednesday morning as I drove down Lower Bay Road.

Wayne’s Heat Pump in Massachusetts

A few days ago, Wayne reached out to me.

He wrote, “Have you thought about doing articles for AsktheBuilder.com for people who are considering replacing or installing a new heating system considering the influence of some people who are doing some things promoting the Green New Deal?

I live along the coast in Massachusetts above Boston and need to replace my oil-fired hot-air furnace in the near future and am thinking that a heat pump might be a good alternative.”

heat pump diagram

What do you think I told Wayne? Do you think heat pumps are the bee’s knees and the best thing to use in all climates?

CLICK or TAP HERE and pay very close attention to what I say about the balance point.

Pocket Door Privacy

Have you discovered you need more privacy in your home because more people are home more often?

home office and home school
I recorded a NEW SHORT VIDEO that you should watch. It's guaranteed to inspire you. CLICK or TAP HERE to watch the SHORT VIDEO.

Free Advice & Bids

Are you in need of FREE ADVICE AND BIDS from LOCAL contractors?

Based on the emails and complaints about WAITING TIME I get from subscribers just like you, now is the time to start the bid process. Contractors are busy and you may end up waiting a long time if you don’t get in line!

CLICK OR TAP HERE to get FREE BIDS from local contractors for ANY PROJECT.

CLICK OR TAP the following links and let me know how quickly you get contacted. I'll bet it's fast.

DECK or PORCH - Now is the time to get bids!













WINDOW REPLACEMENT - BRRRR, are yours drafty?

Prolonged Texas Suffering

One of my best friends from college is Phil. He and I met in the summer of 1972 on a two-week geology field trip to the Southwest. We still stay in touch.

We were the primary drivers of Big Red along with Steve Bernius, I believe. Phil’s sitting in the passenger seat in this photo and that’s me with the golden locks at age 19 ready to jump in and drive Big Red towards the extinct Bandera Volcano.

tim geology field trip

Phil has lived in east Texas for decades and has been giving me periodic updates about the frozen waterlines and misery people are suffering.

As of a few days ago, he said there are still thousands of homes and small businesses without water. Not only is it an issue of overworked plumbers, but there's also a shortage of repair parts.

As I wrote in my national column about this dreadful disaster, almost ALL OF THIS MISERY could have been prevented. It’s shameful.

STOP! Did that sink in about the shortage of repair parts? What should you do now to be prepared at your home if something breaks during a disaster?

Even if you’re not going to install the parts, wouldn’t it be nice if you had them on hand? You’d be empowered and might conjure up the courage to reach out to me for help or watch a few YouTube videos to get your life back to normal.

Camp-out on Your Tile

Peer at this photo of Kevin’s tile floor:

tented tile

Do you know what’s going on? What caused this to happen to the tile?

CLICK or TAP HERE and I GUARANTEE you’ll be blown away.

Who would think a geologist would be the first person to ask about the real CAUSE? Yes, Dr. Huff, I did pay attention in Clay Mineralogy class!


That’s quite enough for a Sunday.

More tips coming your way next week!

Tim Carter
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Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Did you put too much trust in the contractors you hire? Do you think it’s dangerous to do that? No matter HOW you answer those two questions, please read this column and ask yourself, “How many Sebastians are there out there?”


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